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All My Donuts

An Internet Soap Opera
My blogging career began in coffee shops and restaurants - and I'm still working at them. I spent a tremendous amount of time starting this blog at Dunkin' Donuts. There, I met a lot of interesting, funny, quirky, friendly and charming people. In April of 2011, I got an idea to start writing about the people and creating an Internet Soap Opera - All My Donuts. The posts have also become videos.

I believe that life is made special by the people we meet and the memories we create with them. All My Donuts is my way of sharing these people with you. I hope you enjoy them, I sure do.

  1. Lost My Buzz - Found My Buzz
  2. Living In A Hoarder's House From Hell
  3. Sam Has A Jerry Springer Moment - Video
  4. We're All Just Donuts In A Box
  5. Remembering The Ford Edsel - Video
  6. The STATS MAN Cometh - Video
  7. Three Grand Slams - My 55th Birthday Adventure - Video 
  8. Eric Is Done With The Browns - Needs A New Team
  9. STATS MAN Learns PowerPoint - Video
  10. Moving The Mentally Ill - Like Herding Cats
  11. Chuck Buys A Thing - Video
  12. Up Close And Personal - Video
  13. Selecting A New Profile Picture - Video
  14. DIMWIT Movie Trailer - Video
  15. Wal-Mart, Mental Illness, A Futon And Lots Of Frustration
  16. BLOWN AWAY - Video
  17. STATS MAN Does Toastmasters - Video 
  18. Meet THE PROFESSOR - Video
  19. GHETTO CHEF - The Potato - Video

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