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I Donated My Brain To Science And Now I Want It Back

Women - STOP EVERYTHING - You Have To Read This
Nancy Grace's Head Explodes Over Casey Anthony Verdict
Casey Anthony Will Look For Caylee's Killer In Bars And Nightclubs
Good Advertising - Hilarious Huggies Leak Lock Commercial
Americans Know More About Hot Dogs Than Independence Day

Oprah Buys Heaven. Demotes God.
Male Genitalia Has Been Devalued. Obama Pledges Bailout.
I Need Your Help Rounding Up All The Mental Illness Pages On Facebook
Testimonials - What People Love - Shout Outs
Michigan Adopts Controversial Official State Map | Google Hand® Is Forthcoming

Blind People Love Me And My Blog. Plus, The Cure If YOU AIN'T FUNNY
Cell Phones Could Cause Cancer | Telegraph Sales Soar
The Adventures Of Captain Cologne And Princess Perfume. Your Fragrances Make You STINK
Bluetooth Earpieces For Phones Don't Make You Invisible | We Can Still Hear You
The Police Stopped Me For Blogging

Stop Executions. Kill Prisoners With KFC And Mickey D.
Harold Camping Really Blew It. Rapture Rescheduled For October 21st.
A Funny Look At How To Survive Writer's Block - A Journal
Native Americans Want U.S. Borders Redrawn To 1621 Level, Before English Pinheads Showed Up
How To Make Friends In A Black Neighborhood When You're White

How To Publish Poetry? Start By Using Complete Sentences That Make Sense.
I'm Bad And I NEED Two TWITTER Accounts And Two FACEBOOK Accounts
NO RAPTURE. Now I Have Post-No Rapture Depression
Why Men Hate Decorative Toilet Seat And Lid Covers.
My 10 Year-Old Daughter's Story About Her Sumo Wrestling Hamster

Las Vegas Bookmakers Taking Bets On Harold Camping's End Of World Prediction
Harold Camping Predicts End Of The World May 21st. Pack Light And Wear Clean White Underwear.
Unemployed | I Have to LIE On A Job Interview. So I LIED Large.
Computer Illiteracy Amongst Middle Aged People Is Scary And Funny
Barack Obama Gives Middle East 90 Days To Leave Earth

San Diego Mom Sued Chuck E. Cheese $5M Over Illegal Gambling. Navy Seals Kill Her.
Poor Little Buzz Won't Be Humping The Hedgehog Anymore
If You Have A Fancy Toilet Seat Cover Like This, I'm Peeing On Santa's Face.
Visions and Illusions of Spring Time In The Midwest And East

Obama Tries To Strangle Stephen Hawking Over God Doesn't Exist Remarks
Trump And Huckabee Out. Obama Set To Hand Out Major Ass-Whoopin' in 2012
I Want To Marry A Lesbian
Pornography Found At Osama bin Laden Compound | Plus, Best of The Burka Babes
I Set My Balls On Fire - A True Story

Twitter Blames Service Interruptions On Too Many Morons With Smartphones
When The Town Drunk Tried To Pick Me Up
People In The Midwest Are Freaked Out About Air Conditioning
FDA And USDA Will Decide If Vegans Should Be Banned Or Are Edible
Microsoft To Buy Skype For $8.5B, But Deal Stalls Due To 404 Error

Oxymoron Of The Week: Pakistani Intelligence
Freaks Help The 20 Year "Jerry Springer Show" Hoax Continue
George W. Bush and Republicans Just Loved Playing War
Osama Bin Laden Tapes Will Be Seen On America's Funniest Videos AFV
Wal-Mart Promises More Chinese Crap And Plan To Curb Obesity

Teaching A Moron To Do Tequila Shots
CIA And FBI Killed Purple Dinosaur Barney On Obama's Orders
Osama Bin Laden Was Running A Meth Lab In Abbottabad
Don't Fall Asleep With The TV On. You Could Have Very Weird Dreams.
Tribe Fans Claim The Cleveland Indians Success Is A Hoax

Satan Wants Osama Bin Laden To Get The Hell Out Of Hell
Government Should Require Warning Labels On Mobile Homes
Stupid Things People Do On Facebook And Twitter
Fat People Plan March But Cancel Due To Lack Of Conditioning
Study Shows Unplanned Pregnancy Rate In Gay Community Is Zero

Mass Suicide Was The Cause Of Sudden Drop In Facebook Friends
Bubba and Lester Discuss Nuclear Radiation
Zynga's Farmville on Facebook Is Infected With Toxic Virus
Fundamentalist Christians Need To SHUT UP
Angry Atheists Act Like Childish Bullies

Adventure In Da Hood | Driving Mr. Mike
In-Depth Look At The Bloody Royal Wedding
Gay Man Comes Out Of Closet As A Heterosexual
135,000 People A Month Search Google For "What Is The Internet"
How To Escape After Farting In Public

God, Where Are You? No Sightings Since Jesus Left
I Have To Run To The Bathroom Real Quick. I'll Be Right Back
There's An Old Guy Staring At Me And I Don't Know What To Do
ET | Entertainment Tonight Leaves Me Empty And Wanting Ear Plugs
I Need A Caption For The Picture

I Met A Jehovah's Witness | I'm Still Scared
How To Control Temper In Marriage
Bad Ways To Commit Suicide | Proven Not To Work
What The Hell Am I, The Answer Man?
Unemployed | What If I Told The TRUTH On A Job Interview

I Need Penis Enlargement For Airport Security
Do Squirrels Ever Screw Up?
I Was A Sexy Cam-Girl. Don't Be Fooled By The Pitches.
Firearm Deaths Versus Baby Crib Deaths | Shocking
Trolls Sue Charlie Sheen For Defamation

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