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Sunday, April 4, 2021

The True Meaning of Easter - Controversial

Christians feel they know the true meaning and message of Easter, but most are way off track. Non-believers coloring eggs are clueless, too. There is a very deep and profound meaning to events dated over two thousand years ago.

We all know the story.... dude named Jesus rides into town on a lowrider ass. Palms and celebration. Over the week, shit starts going sideways for the teacher.

Thursday, he appears at a potluck and humbles himself to the level of the lowest of lows, becoming a servant to his followers and washes their feet. 

That right there was pretty real. Dude they think is God on his hands and knees, washing nasty feet.

What's going on there?

The fictional character Jesus - and I only call him that to keep my Atheist friends reading - was a god. He knew it. Couple of his boys new it. Yet, he still found humility.

In his times, his pedi-wash was almost considered degrading, beneath him. Back in the day, men NEVER came close to that line of work. Mix in his deity creds and you have a huge swing from top to bottom. 


If GOD can be that humble, why can't u? 🤔

No religious inculcating required.

In other words: Don't get full of yourself!

Then, Nazareth dude catches a case in the garden. His ass go to jail. 

No lawyer. Lots of talk. Made up crap gonna take street corner messiah down.

By morning Jesus's shit be twisted. He finds out he gonna die because he taught a way to live. 


When you different, not everybody down with that. 

Stop trippin because people don't like you, pick on your clothes, laugh at your pain, ignore your pleas. They don't matter. Only you matter. Jesus gets told he headed for the cross and he's like, "Oh well."

Then they kill his ass. Sold off his clothes and dumped his body where no one could get to it. So much for being GOD. Don't matter. 

But a new plot twist is inserted that had never been used in the past or at the circus or in vaudeville - He comes back to life.

Newbie cult followers wet their pants because Original Sin was decimated.

WTF does Original Sin mean? And stop it with the bad apple story. OS is completely meaningless on earth. If OS wasn't dashed, you'd never know it. Ain't no choices or grousing after death. So file OS under Useless BS.

But now that he's not dead in a cave and he's alive again - that's the true story. There is the meaning. It is a universal metaphor that....


To live a NEW life, the OLD life MUST DIE

Read that again. And again. What's Nazzie saying?

If your life is miserable, it's because of you and your ways. I don't care if you writhe in pain from fibromyalgia, there are ways you have that make it worse. Broke? Well, those your ways. Fat? Your ways. Uneducated? Ways. Unloved? Yup...U

You can have new ways. You can live in bliss - here on earth.  Things can change. Things can get better 💯

But YOU and your old ways have to die, first. Ain't no way around it. As long as your misguided ways live, misery will be riding shotgun with ya.

I've been sober for 14+ years. My ways found me broke, hungover, laying in my own vomit for 35 years. I was drunk from age 15 on.

Been three years since I started my days looking for crack. I had to kill that bitch.

I made choices.

I found NEW WAYS.

On Holy Saturday, sitting in my new apartment My 😎 GIRL lives in (I still live in and manage a group home for mentally challenged adult males) I had the definition of epiphany. I had a moment yesterday that I'll never forget. 

I got a new batch of weed. That set the tone. As I sat watching a low-volume TV, a feeling came over me. One I had never had in my life.

It was a feeling of pure peace.

I felt free of the world, free of judgment and others opinions. No longer trippin over those that disappointed me, no expectations of others. It was just ME. And  I was completely GOOD ENOUGH. 

An old life and thought process that propelled me for 64 years had died. I was entering a new life. 

Chains fell to the ground, tears were dried. The hope I so desperately clung to had been the fuel to getting me to one of my greatest dreams. And there was PEACE on My 😎 EARTH. 

Change is not an accident. It takes a desire for something new, better 💯

It takes a decision to go in a new direction. 

And it takes some ACTION

Wherever you put your focus, you go.

So....WTF you lookin at?

That will tell you where you go.

The true meaning of Easter is about YOUR rebith. You becoming new. Not OS. Or OS 10. IT'S HOPE FOR YOU.

Be blessed. Happy Easter.

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