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Thursday, April 15, 2021

How To Cure Boredom

When I was living in Las Vegas, I had a step-daughter I raised as my own from age 7. Adolescence got us all twisted and eventually catalyzed my divorce from her mother.

In middle school, my step-daughter repeatedly evoked, "I'm bored."

Daily, "I'm bored."

Hourly, "I'm bored."

What ya doing, honey? 

"Nothing, I'm bored."

The subliminal answer to the boredom is right there. Doing nothing. 

Last I checked, nothing begets nothing.

How do you stop doing nothing? And being bored?

The antithesis of boredom is curiosity. 

If you are are a curious person, you are never bored.

I have ADHD and I'm bipolar...

🎶 My mind is always racing and my body's on overload 🎶

~ Abra Moore "Four Leaf Clover"

My head is filled with lottery balls that bounce 31,536,000 seconds a year. I can't find the time to do 3% of the things I think of on a daily basis. I don't understand boredom. 

But I find myself with an old bicycle pump, trying to inflate the spirits of someone who really puts forth no effort.


What can free a do nothing from the prison of boredom?


All you have to do is utter one of the following, in your mind or out loud,...

What's that?  When did that happen? Tell me why. How did you do it? Who's in jail?

Yes, the old WHO, WHAT, WHEN WHERE, HOW interrogation. It's not intrusive. But ASK. Inquire. Wonder. Dig. Learn. Question. Solve.

To me, when I hear a bored person say they are bored and the boredom is boring - they're intellectually lazy.



Maybe the default wasn't right. You can alter your life. You can change. You can vanquish boredom with a ❓

Pick one thing, any thing. Preferably something you love.  Look at it. Study it. Then whisk in a little wonder. Curiosity cake has many layers. Taste them all.

Be gluttonous when it comes to knowledge. 

The pathway to wisdom is through knowledge and understanding. 

The journey to wisdom will take you to uncaring lands. Unsympathetic islands. Seas of sycophants. But you must see it all before you can know it all. Consider yourself lucky if you only truly understand only a slice. No worries. 

The definition of an an EXPERT is...

"A person who knows less and less about more and more."

Remember... Find your niche and own it.

Please share with someone who is bored.


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