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Monday, March 29, 2021


In 2012, I had a vision. I saw how some people grew their money in the stock market and so many others didn't. I came up with a concept to teach people, primarily POC, how to participate in the Stock Market. 

The first iteration was "Roger's World". But it wasn't about me. Slapping my name on it was as ridiculous as putting Trump on it. 

At the time, the technology and a few other things were impediments to teaching this to a broad audience. 

Since then, everything to make my dream come true has fallen into place.

The biggest game changer was the introduction of FRACTIONAL SHARES.

Now, you could buy a penny of any stock on the DOW or NASDQ. Google, Apple, Tesla for a penny? Count me IN !!!

PLUS.... Smartphone technology has completely revolutionized our ability to manage our own finances from anywhere in the world. There IS an app for everything. 

When I was recovering from a mental health collapse in 2011, I revisited the idea and renamed it ONLINE EMPIRE. Opened a Twitter account @ONLINE_EMPIRE. But the FRACTIONAL SHARES didn't exist and Smartphones weren't ubiquitous. 

Now...with a Smartphone, a good simple app like the one we promote and use, Stash, for investing and ANYONE can be in the Stock Market. No more excuses. 

Why am I so passionate about this?

My father never made more than $60k in his life, but he died with $7 MILLION. He bought stock regularly, never looked at them, never sold. Time and compounding made him rich.

When I started, you needed $5k to open an account. Now, you can open a Stash account with $5.

In 2020, I was homeless for a short stint. The tiny bit of money I had in My 😎 STASH kept me afloat. 

You have to make your money WORK FOR YOU. 

Check out and follow my Twitter account: @ONLINE_EMPIRE 

I'm in the process of building a blog dedicated to changing your financial future through your Smartphone. contact email: 

C'mon, join us. In the next post, I'll show you how to get $20 of FREE Stock and start building YOUR ONLINE EMPIRE. 

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