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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Happy Birthday to...

Happy Birthday; those words usually bring on feelings of joy and elation. Surely, a party could cap the day and all will be wonderful.

However, not all people will see or experience the "Happy" in the day.

To them, it is a "birthday", just aother day on the calendar.

To them, there won't be birthday wake-up calls and out of tune reditions of the birthday song crackling through the phone.

To them, there won't be a FREE breakfast at Denny's.

Staying in bed will supercede all urges to venture out. 

"Besides, I don't want to go alone. Fuck that, I don't have anyone to go with."

To them, the only present they receive will be The Present: accompanied by a horrific recall of The Past and a day-long dread of The Future.

Pulling the covers over their head is the only way to ignore the solitude.

If you know someone who is alone, is handicapped, is disabled, is depressed or is sick, please check on them - visit, call or text.

A friendly voice can emote a chuckle or a laugh. You really just need to extract a smile.

To them, this will make their day.

Your kindness is one of the greatest gifts they can receive outside of The Present.

To you, these gestures may seem trivial. But...

To them, you are an Angel.

Fly on. And wish everyone a 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY every chance you get.

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