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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painless Suicide Presents A Possible Opportunity

Painless Suicide presents possible opportunity.
This is really important, so I need you to pay close attention and see if you can help me solve some problems. When I got into this blogging thing, I wasn't sure where it would take me. Initially, I wrote for therapy. Then, I tried to make a business out of it. I make a small amount of money from the ad click revenue from my blogs, but not anywhere close to what I need to survive. Something, thought popped up regarding a piece I wrote that has had huge success and I wanted to know how to get to my goal. The piece that has gotten the most attraction and feedback on this blog is on Painless Suicide. And I got to thinking that Painless Suicide presents a possible opportunity. 

I have written on a broad range of topics on the blog. Some might say, too broad. But one post stands out - Painless Suicide - A Complete Guide To Suicide. Initially, people were shocked by the title, but then they started reading the post. It tells you that their is no painless suicide. The pain may go away for you, but it will just go to someone else. And they'll be left wondering why.

Each month, the post gets more and more hits. It's #1 on Google, if you search "Painless Suicide". Thousands of people have seen the post. Over a hundred have left comments, "Thank you, you saved my life." It's a powerful piece and the positive impact it is having is immense.

As I sit, trying to figure out my life, I thought, "Why not publish the post and the comments into a book." It would be a powerful read and an insight into the pain that people bring to the post. Then I thought, "Why not begin speaking on the subject?" There are a number of things I've learned and can add to the original concept. I could certainly go out and talk on the subject, having been the lone voice out there with such a powerful message.

The next step would be to form a foundation. A suicide prevention foundation.

These may sound like more manic ideas from me, but I think there is a need in society for someone to actively work on suicide prevention. Those thousands of people who have looked at the blog didn't do it because everything was all right in their world. There is a lot of pain in society and a positive voice would probably be welcome.

It's just a thought. I'm struggling right now and this idea came to me today and I thought I'd share it with you.

I have a friend who is a professional speaker, but I'd need help with how to set up a foundation - where to begin, etc.

This may be another idea that goes nowhere, but I think there is something there. Let me know your thoughts. Let me know if Painless Suicide presents a possible opportunity.


  1. I was led to the original "Complete Guide" blog entry by googling "painless suicide". As you said, it was the first result. And while it probably didn't save my life, as I wasn't serious about going through with it, it definitely helped me get back my perspective in the middle of a pity-fest. Then I got here because I was aimlessly clicking around in emotional exhaustion. I don't know if your idea would actually pan out, financially and business-wise, but I do know that it would probably help people. Everyone likes to know that they're not alone out there, after all. And honestly, what would it hurt to try out?

  2. You may wanna look towards other organizations too if you needs starting lift of the ground? I know TWLOHA does a lot of projects. You may wanna start searing there. Not necessarily partner with them specifically, but an oprrotunity may hit you at any moment.
    Good luck hun. Thank you for all the good you bring into the world.

  3. I just read painless suicide and now this article because it was related in my google search. I think you should start by recording some speeches and posting them on YouTube. That is a great place to get started. Almost all famous speakers delivered hundreds, even thousands of speeches before they were paid for a single one. You have helped me through today. As a person who has to act like everything is perfect all day at work until I can close myself off at night I am grateful. I must say though, painless suicide was creepy in the way that you described me exactly.

    1. Yes, I agree with you Nate. Posting pictures about painless suicide and videos in YouTube might afraid people and it may help stop suicide.

  4. I have read your painless suicide blog. And like so many others it saved my life that very moment. I implore of you, if there is even the slightest chance that what you have done for me you could do for another no matter the extent it takes...please do it. Please keep all of us updated if you do decide to follow through with your ideas. Because even though I feel slightly more attuned to reality, I (and I'm sure countless others) are not completely stable mentally, your words can continue to help.

  5. I just seen your other the Painless Suicide blog and yes it has lifted my spirits. It's insane how the small difference in how I felt before and after finding it on Google made me feel about committing suicide. Yes, I still do want a plan just in case I change my mind but for now your blog has revitalized me. I believe you should try public speaking or publishing a book. You WILL save lives.

  6. I'm really sorry to say your post doesn't erase my idea of killing myself. I've been reading such kind of stories for a while now, and that while it's taking too much time. Can't see the way to exit the hole.

    These thoughts keep me paralyzed and obviously away from any source of happinness, but as I have thought about it more and moore the idea sticks in there like glue, and days pass by with nothing but more bad news and more realizing of what a wonderful crap I've made out of myself.

    I also like writing (I'm not english speaker though). But there's also one point where writing doesn't seem to be attractive anymore. Nothing ease the despair, if you can say it like that.

    I've read somewhere that despair equals suffering minus meaning. I assume I can't find a meaning for all the suffering hence my despair grows day by day. I'm probably way too selfish in not being able to find a meaning. As you said, I could help with the cleanings, change focus to smaller things, etc. But all my past, all that burden of mistakes is still there staring defiant at me second by second.

    I've also lost almost everything I loved, mainly my girlfriend. Then through a series of mistakes I lost what could have been new opportunities to make a living. In the meanwhile, affected by drugs abuse and withdrawal effects, in a panic attack, I jumped from a second floor. Luckily enough now I'm able to walk and my body is more or less restored! But I'm so selfish that I would like everything back, while all I have is a very little hollow with a narrow gaze of what can be my life from now on.

    People still tell me it will change; I'm doing what I should: go to gym, languages lessons, learning some maths, writing from time to time... The idea of hanging myself sticks there when I look again and back to my personal situation.

    I know I want a thing that doesn't exist, a magic pill (I'm taking pills, by the way) that would make existence magic and joyful again.

    So I don't know man, I really don't know what to do. I've been talking about it to some people and proffessionals and obviously here I'm sliding slightly a bit away from the idea, giving you all this feedback. But stupid idea would not go away.

    Anyways, the article is good. I've been also spending hours and hours reading through the internets on this topic, and yours may be found to be one of the most helpfuls.

    1. The book idea is best. It would be difficult to draw a crowd to speak to, obviously, because each person would somewhat be admitting that they are contemplating suicide. The website works because we are anonymous.

  7. Compliments sincerely hope the best for you and your projects. Onestly if I crossed you in the net is not only because i speake a bit of english ...even reading posts with not particular happiness of life around here I'm always more convinced that you live in the best place of the world. I lived in the U.S. for a year 9 months in L.V. ...working doing heroin and all the rest intense elegant suspance rich kind of lifestyle , when the immigration realized i was not a tourist back to Italy it was exactly the turn of the millenium . In few years i was back on the edge everythings over the limit , and you know what ? i like that. to pass the limit to run to make thousands and to spend the double , i' m not only speaking about money I mean everythins : loves emotions risks success losses....i had a wonderfull life , really, i was never cheap , i was born in an aristochratic family, i was here and there , i had been rich , had been poor sleeping in a car for weeks i had been in jail like in the most elegant and sophisticated place and this and that. I was near to die many times and always able to survive and start again . I'm not seriously thinking about get over but for the first time in my life I'm getting tired , I'm 47 now don't you think is enough for a single person . In a single life .Looking for a job again start from 0 again at my age is not so easy to dream about something so special for the future ...well you are here with your stories so maybe it is possible. Good luck.


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