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Monday, April 23, 2012

Black and White Photography Collection - Vol 3.

There is so much depth in this shot.
Sometimes as a blogger things just fall in your lap. Several months ago, I decided to do a collection of Black and White Photography. It took off. A second collection, featuring Black and White Photos of Pearl Harbor on December 7th has also taken off. Here is another Black and White Photography Collection - Vol. 3.

Beautiful bridge shot. Love the water.

I'm using this shot as the background for another blog. It's spectacular.

Simple and elegant.

Clean and stark.

The power of the wind.

Incredible sky.

Amazing view.

Awesome scale.

Love the shadows.

Few sunsets are better.

There is so much going on here.

Fabulous snow mounds in the stream.
This is an extremely complex scene.
The filtered light adds so much to this scene.
The water is so calm.
We've all used one of these. But here it is clearer than ever.

Excellent reflections.
The contrast of the Underground vs. Big Ben is awesome.
That has got to hurt. 

I hope you enjoyed my Black and White Photography Collection - Vol. 3. There will be more. I love the medium and plan to collect even more shots.

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