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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome Home, Roger. You're Not Homeless Anymore.

Welcome Home. I'm no longer homeless.
Welcome to my home. Yes, everyone has a place they call home. I'll tell you more about my home in a second, but right now: as CEO of ONLINE EMPIRE®, ONLINE EMPIRE® Publishing and Las Vegas Nightlife Services, I am proud to announce that regular daily publication of will resume immediately, but at a new time - 10a EST - 7 days a week. Let's get back to the home story...

On March 17, 2010, my worst nightmare was about to bloom. I found myself in a situation that had been developing ever since my X wife -The Wicked Witch of the West - decided HER personal agenda was more important than OUR family and business agenda. I didn't even have an agenda.

She left me and tore our two-person advertising agency that we operated from our home apart.

Blazic Design was about to lose its Art Department Director and Creative Director - www. The sales, marketing, accounting, customer service department, filing manager, trash manager, payroll clerk, supplies manager, complaint department staff, collection department, pet clean-up and maintenance man (all ME) were going to become just BLAZIC. She infected Blazic Design with AIDS - (An Idiot's Dumb Selfishness). Blazic Design died on June 1, 2006.

I had to give up my home. A bank took it. I have to leave my new hometown, Las Vegas, NV because I got sick and no one could help me.

So, 3 magical people made calls to each other. My brother, sister and JPP worked out a plan. Bro and Sis would finance the deal, JPP, formerly known as Deep Throat, but is known now as Deep Six, would provide the roof.

I came within weeks of my father's favorite advice to me coming true, "Roger, if you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to be nothing but a bum on a street corner." And I would have been.

I already had the small piece of cardboard and the marker to make a nice sign. And it would have been a good sign. I have an eye for marker on cardboard.

But, I was spared the traditional homeless scenario and was handed a more damning scenario.

Being homeless would have actually been better than what I got, in retrospect.

My landlord, Deep Six, was and still is a selfish boob. He was so twisted around about saving pennies that he wound up costing me hundreds and hundreds of dollars; and possibly, thousands.

For two years, his lies about fixing one thing or another on his version of "This Ole' Dump With Bobby Squeala, Slum Lord" - appropriately seen on PBS - Paul's Bull Shit.

My "Friend" from high school had 3 months notice that I was coming back to Cleveland on a gurney.  I was going to be deposited in his 1,500 sq. ft. home where he lived in high school and part of college.

The house, however, lost its hominess decades ago, when his elderly parents died. Paul's "Pleasure Palace", as I mockingly referred to it, had become a hoarder's hell (see full photo layout).

When I arrived in Cleveland, barely able to walk, my sister, who was my flying companion said, "We have a problem, the PP - Pleasure Palace - is not ready. No toilet." 

WHAT? PP had three months to prepare the PP. Three months and he couldn't get a toilet in there? Nope.

That's a job I can do in one day. Maybe he's not telling me the truth about loving me as his friend?

So, my sister and brother had to fork over hundreds of dollars in hotel fees, while PP put a place for me to pee-pee in the PP. (I can't make this shit up. It's hilariously sick, isn't it?)

Well, the toilet when in after about 10 days. But it was months before I had a shower and even longer before I had a sink. PP is just a dick.

So, my sister and brother paid all my utilities and paid the property taxes at the PP... $225/mo. A ton of money considering that I lived in 200 sq. ft. of the house. I lived like a dog in the corner. I was homeless, with a roof over me - living in a storage shit hole.

My home is on the Internet.
But, I had some breakthroughs along this gruesome road ... In just the past week, I realized that I was no longer homeless.  The switch went on in my mind that, "I'm at home wherever I want to be. And this Dorothy just got home."

I've heard it said that, "Home is where your heart is." Well, my home is here, at and on Facebook and anywhere else my name or footprint on the www take me.

I don't need walls or furniture. I just need WiFi and I can live like the patch I bought in 1972 said. FREE SPIRIT ...  Welcome home, Roger... It's been 55 years and 5 months. There's nothing waiting for you but WiFi... and that's all I'll ever need. I'm free of possessions and all the baggage. I am FREE.

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