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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm Back Blogging - Again. Insane Asylums - Part 2 - and I AM #CRAZY #LOL

I'm grown now. I'm grown.
We're two weeks away from the post that started it all for me on my road to recovery from the depths of hell and poverty. It has been an incredible year, since that day at Dunkin' Donuts on Lake Shore Blvd. and E. 222nd St. in Euclid, OH. Back on that day in March, the 7th, I wrote a very popular piece I'm Back Blogging. Insane Asylums and I Must Be Crazy. (Opens in new window) - And things gradually began to change. Today, nearly 1 million words later, I find myself in a vastly different, yet similar place; hence the name of today's post I'm Back #Blogging - Again. #Insane Asylums - Part 2 - and I AM #CRAZY #LOL.

2-Dimensional Picture of Original post on March 7, 2011.
A year ago, I had no idea what to expect. I had hopes that after six months or a year, I'd be paying some bills and life would be great. Well, all of that and more has happened. I've had a life-changing series of events, both good and bad - but even the bad ones I'll be able to turn around.

A Dancer • A Suicide • And Life Is Black And White

There were many highlights over the past year, but the 3 that stand out are those that YOU, the readers have selected as my best work. Thank you. Oddly, we're all on the same page.

A Dancer

After perfecting my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Skills with posts that beat NBC on page #1 of Google 3 times during the 2011 Season of Celebrity Apprentice, I did a little test.

My dream girl, Karina Smirnoff. I'm not alone.
Karina Smirnoff, a staple on Dancing With The Stars, and one of the most beautiful women in the world, announced that she would appear in Playboy Magazine in May of 2011.

I jumped on the concept and wrote an SEO specific post, which worked perfectly, but did not have the fleshy content that the Google/Bing/MSN searchers were looking for. I followed it up with a post that delivered the Russian Dancer in her sexiest best and even a few of her in the nude. BAM !!!! Right to #1 on this blog.

Today, this site is the best source of Karina Smirnoff pictures on the web... and that will be expanding. 

It was great, at the time, but I thought I'd never outlive Karina's success. I wanted to be known for more than just a girlie post.

A Suicide

I was so lucky to find this photo. It said so much.

Then, one day in August, the 14th to be exact, I was inspired to write a post about Suicide. Not just any post, but a post specifically crafted to how people look for information when they wanted to kill themselves.

After putting all of my experience together and several hours of work, Painless Suicide - A Complete Guide To Suicide was published.

A few days later, I received a comment that humbled me, made me cry and forever changed my life...
Wow. Written with honesty and humor and ... your comments comforted and maybe even saved a friend of mine last night. Thank you and God bless you.

How do you top that? Saving a life. What amount of money could surpass that? None, nothing. I had paid all of my debts, as far as I was concerned. I was completely humbled.

And the comments kept coming. And the emails started. 

First there was a trickle; then, the valve of pain flowed freely. Almost daily, comments came in - all similar - "Thanks for saving my life... "

Over and over they came. I bought more Kleenex from the dollar store. I went through a whole package of single ply toilet paper from the dollar store - it's horrible stuff for crap, but if you cry, it's not bad.

Based on the emails and the comments, I think I can honestly say,  

"I've saved about 200+ lives, 
since August 14th, 2011." 

And all I wanted to do here was make a few bucks to pay my bills.

You can take 50 doctors and duct tape them together and they haven't saved 200+ lives during their entire careers, combined; but a guy blogging at a Dunkin' Donuts did.

Yes, words have power. Respect them.

Life Is Black And White

When life gets too murky, we look for clarity. I often find clarity in photography. I love photos. But my favorites are Black & White Photos. Black and White photography requires incredible lighting to make it work. You can slip and fall with a full-color shot and it can still be good. But, B&W photos take a lot more effort to achieve greatness.

I looked around and found some of the best and posted my B&W Photo Collection, Vol. 1 in early November.
Akon has a song called, Journey. It seems like this was the path.

Then, in December, I collected some of the most memorable photos from the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. I sent them out like Sorties on Tumblr and my friends went nuts. They reposted and reposted the pictures. I found more, and more, and more.

The Vol. 2 Collection of Pearl Harbor shots is something I'm very proud of because I have an other-worldly respect for our military and law enforcement personnel.

While the world shits on soldiers and spits on cops, I raise my salute to them, daily, hourly, and by the minute.

I always say to anyone in uniform,

Thank you for serving. I have the greatest respect for you. You're willing to take a bullet for me, and I'm not that big. I am a coward, I can't return the favor. So, thank you.

Today, when I said that to a cop guarding my room at the hospital, he knocked on his bulletproof vest and brought home the reality of my words. I cried.

Black and White Photography also shows us that life can be black and white. However, you cannot have a picture of just those two tonal elements - black and white - you need the hues of grey - shading and subtlety.

In a classic Black and White movie that my good buddy Mr. Wojo, turned a group of us on to last Friday night at the Postman's house,  

James Cagney says in  
The Time Of Your Life - 

"Living life well is an art. 
It's not about bookkeeping."

Unfortunately, a lifelong friend of mine only sees life as bookkeeping; so, my landlord, Joseph Paul Popoczy had to be let go.

He's been a friend of mine since high school (1970-74). We've been through miles and miles of stories. But he did something the other day that he'd done 1,000 times or more during the last two years and his lies could not be tolerated any more.

I had to let him go - and destroy piles of his junk in the process.

Life should be about art and science and lunch and pizza and girls and boys and balloons and the opera and jazz and horses and puppies and all of those other things we love.

JPP's life can be defined by only 3 things - Cars, Junk and Pennies. That's all he cares about. He is the ultimate bookkeeper. He's sick. He needs help. Maybe J.K. can help him or The Electrician. I'm done.

Super Blogger - Deeone Higgs - would be proud of me for Releasing Him Today, thus Releasing Me Today to a new freedom of living.

Unfortunately, for JPP, he's gone for good. My sister, however, will be able to return some day.

I had to suppress her in the last week. My sister sees life as all black and white - no grey - just like our father.

Her insistence that I keep taking Lithium, even after I discovered how dangerous it was for me and what it was doing to me, has put her into the darkness in my life and in limbo until she sees the light.

I want my sister to pay attention to my #2 Natalie B and not be such a Maniacal Mom.

As my brothers in the hood say, "We grown, we grown." I can wipe my own ass these days AND do my own laundry. 


This year has been quite a year. And what is to come will make this past year look like a 2nd grade art project. I'm going global and in a big way. Come Away with me. As soon as I get back from the Insane Asylum.

Yes, I'm going back to the nut house... 

In the process of destroying my relationship with JPP, I got a bit carried away. I broke his stuff with reckless abandon and tagged his walls like an abandoned house in the ghetto, which he would have had, if I had not moved in there. I left his copper pipes, though.

The way I did everything caused me to earn a second Pink Slip to a psychiatric facility for a mandatory 72 hour evaluation. Since the third day falls on a Saturday this week, the earliest I can get out will be on Monday. But, I'll probably be there longer. We'll see.

I wanted to go back, to see the new building and to see if they were going to be hip to MY IDEAS and not stick to their own agenda. Wrong choice on their part and the malpractice lawsuit I'm filing against them will only triple.  

Yes, I'm in the hospital now, waiting to be hauled away to a "safe place" filled with toxic pharmaceuticals and wicked psychiatric health dare providers.

Don't worry. The Dorothy in me knows the way home. And if you bookmark this blog, you'll be on track to find your way home, no matter how distant, measured or far away your drum beats take you - now that's Thoreau care.

Love you...

Thanks for sticking with me.

The Wizard of OE


  1. I know JP also. He is a back stabber. Is he still bald & fat?

  2. How did the Grand Canyon come to be?

    JP chased a penney down a gopher hole....


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