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Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Page Views Up 25% Over October

November page views jump up 25% over October.
I can feel the momentum building. Blog traffic continues to rise. In November, page views were up 25% over October. October page views were 20,367, while November jumped to 25,457 - enough to be the second best month on this site; however, still about 12,000 short of the 37,000+ page views in May 2011. All of the computer problems that caused the fall-off are behind me and the sky is the limit.

Several trends have emerged. Back in May, a lot of the traffic came from a convergence of topics I hit home runs on - news and TV shows.

Now, things are different. Freakin' Karina Smirnoff winning Dancing With The Stars didn't hurt. Her posts have pulled steady organic traffic for months. What is great numerically, but sad emotionally, is how much traffic my Painless Suicide post is getting. It handily beat Karina over the past seven days. Good on the spreadsheet, bad when you understand the pain that fuels a person to find that post on the Internet.

We are in tough times. It doesn't matter to me the bullshit numbers the government tries to sell us on the economy and unemployment. People are hurting. Read the post, and read the comments.

There are several other posts that have grown legs and are getting a lot of attention. I learned a lesson from Jack Benny's biography, "Give them more of what they like." So, I'll be pumping out more of the same.

My site is tricky. It's more like a magazine - lots of topics. That's because of my ADD. I can't stay focused. (LOL). When you read Mashable, you know what to expect, with me, things change. Some posts are complete strikeouts, while others are home runs.

Other than that, I've been working my ass off. The next post will show some of what I've been up to over just the last couple weeks.

My hard drive filled up and I could not make any more movies. But that problem is gradually being solved by uploading the compressed movies to Photobucket and MySpace. I send the same videos to two places. Nothing like having my Photobucket account suspended for some stupid reason and all my movies are gone. Always have redundancy.

Time is a big factor now. Movies won't return until 2012. However, I'm going to start doing 60 second blog tips, leading into my new project the Global Blog School.

Have great holidays and keep sharing, sharing, sharing my posts (LOL). November page views were up 25% over October. I want to shoot for the same increase in December over November.

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