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Thursday, December 8, 2011

MANIAC Blogger Has A Massive Amount Of Projects

MANIAC Blogger is just getting revved up. Look Out!
Until about four weeks ago, I did not realize what BUSY was all about. I know I have never worked like this in my life. I've done serious physical labor that literally broke my body, but this is an endurance test. It is becoming commonplace for me to go to Denny's to work and be there for 24, 30, 40 - I was even there for 52 consecutive hours - WORKING. Rather than write a 6,000 word post about all the things I've had my hands on, I made a video. You'll see that the MANIAC Blogger has a massive amount of projects. But I think I'm getting a handle on them all.

Here's the video.

If you watch the video, all the links below it are things that I talked about. • Fun RoomWhere Adults Goof Off - still needs work.

Las Vegas Nightlife Services • Blog

Las Vegas Nightlife Services • Website

Las Vegas Nightlife • Tumblr

Roger Blazic Roams • Tumblr


I changed the name of The Life And Time Of Roger Blazic to Roger Blazic • Life Stories and am using that blog as somewhat of a diary.

Roger Blazic • Life Stories

Global Blog School • Blogger

Global Blog School • Wordpress (.com)

Global Blog School • Facebook Group

Global Blog School • Facebook Fan Page

Blog_School on Twitter

Prayers For Today • Friday's are dedicated to our military

Prayers For Today • Facebook Fan Page

Prayers42day on Twitter

Proverbs And Wisdom • A Proverb a Day, an old method of Bible Study

There are a couple other blogs, all the photo sites, the site, and a bunch of other places I stopped in the last couple weeks. Yes, the MANIAC Blogger has a massive amount of projects. Now, if I can just turn some of this chaos into cash, it will be a very Merry Christmas.

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