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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weird Search Terms That Got People To My Blog

Sometimes the searches are just plain weird.

There are lots of ways that people wind up at your blog. You can give them the URL, put a link on Facebook or Twitter, write the address on the bathroom wall or someone can find you through a search engine. In the Blogger Stats area, you can see what search terms were used in the last couple hours. I noticed that some of the search terms were really strange, so I started collecting them. Here are weird search terms that got people to my blog.
Most of these searches have an underlying article that got them to Where applicable, I'll put the link to the article.

One of my favorite search terms that people use and wind up here is: Roger Blazic

You'd think if they could get that much out, all they had to do was put a .com at the end of it and they'd be here. But almost daily, people search for Roger Blazic. At least they remember my name and spell it correctly.

Here are some of the most recent search terms used on the major search engines to get to this blog.

pinless suiside

This guy probably wanted to kill himself because he couldn't figure out his spell-checker.
Painless Suicide - A Complete Guide To Suicide

free nude dancing with the stares

I have two posts specifically designed to draw traffic, and they do. But dancing with the stares. Sounds like he needs an optometrist.

Karina Smirnoff Pictures. Playboy Cover and More From Dancing With The Stars Dancer
Nude Naked Playboy Pictures Of Karina Smirnoff Cause Search Frenzy On Websites And Blogs

big windup coach's tits

I have no freakin' idea. Your guess is as good as mine.

safe haven bin laden pornografic material

He may be friends with the suicidal spell-checker.

Pornography Found At Osama bin Laden Compound | Plus, The Best of The Burka Babes

chinese walmart

I've written about Chinese crap at Wal-Mart, but for someone to search for chinese walmart ... long trip, no money?

Wal-Mart Promises More Chinese Crap And Plan To Curb Obesity


alzheimer's disease comics

I've written about comedians and Alzheimer's Disease. Maybe this person was looking for a comic who can't remember his act.

Stages Of Alzheimer's Disease - The Long Good-bye
I Am Surprised Stand-up Comics Were Not Killed At Gigs
How To Become A Comedian - Tips From A Standup Comedy Road Warrior
FREE Comedy School | How To Write Comedy For A Comedian Or Yourself

"sucks helium"

I don't know if this is someone who is looking for a way to be intimate with balloon animals or what. But I wrote about a writing site called Helium.

How Can You Make Money Writing For Or Is It A Scam?

where do people find prostitutes online
other ways to find hookers online
bangkok whore se...
find prostitutes online 2011

Searching for online prostitutes is why I wrote the article to draw traffic to my site. It's a very popular search. The last two searches, though, crack me up. Bangkok whore? I have nothing even remotely close to that on this site. But the last one: find prostitutes online 2011 is one of my favorites. You certainly don't want last year's prostitutes. You want the fresh whores. LOL.

Online Prostitutes Moved To Other Sites After Being Banned From Craigslist

sexy chatrooms on yahoo

This is another mystery search. I have nothing on this site related to Yahoo chat rooms. Duh!

kadhafi sunglass

I have content regarding Kadhafi and it does mention his sunglasses in it. But what kind of research is a person doing searching for kadhafi sunglass? And it's not even plural. Just one sunglass Mr. Kadhafi?

Moammar Khadafi Fled Libya To Start Reality TV Show
Moammar Gadhafi Is Dead. Obama: Libya In Good Hands

dancing nude
nude china
obese nude
brooke burke dwts low cut gown

I'm not quite sure what the searchers had in mind with the four searches above. Dancing nude? Maybe Dancing With The Stars nude (Karina Smirnoff)? Or he was planning on a strange party for swingers. Nude china? Sumo wrestlers? Obese nude? See Sumo wrestlers. But, brooke burke dwts low cut gown? That's a very specific search. Brooke Burke is mentioned in the DWTS articles, but nothing about a low cut gown. LOL.

how to get beautiful facebook friends

This is an easy one. I did the post about having too many beautiful women as Facebook friends. I want people that don't spend all their time being beautiful. I want readers!!!!!

I Have Too Many Beautiful Women On Facebook As Friends

And finally... I've written a lot about mental illness, anxiety, depression, etc. But this is my all-time favorite search. What was going on when the person typed in this ?????? ........

anxiety makes penis shrivel


Don't you just love the Internet and the weird search terms that got people to my blog.

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