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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Small Business Saturday - November 26th - Shop Small

Support small business, Saturday, November 27th.
Finally a great idea. It surfaced in 2010 and was good enough to repeat in 2011. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is officially Small Business Saturday. On November 26th, you are encouraged to shop small - as in small business. Forget the big box national chain stores and support a local business.

This event is sponsored by American Express and really targets the heart of the American economy - small business. On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, big box chains will be jammed with shoppers. You might be part of the herd. But don't spend all of your money there. Set some aside for Small Business Saturday.
On Saturday, November 26th, American Express and I are asking you to go to a small business - it could be anything - a family restaurant, a locally owned clothing boutique, a hobby shop, a bakery, whatever you like - and make a purchase. All it takes is one.

While thousands of Americans are "occupying" parks and yelling at trees and buildings about big business, you can actually do something that is extremely positive - support a small business with your dollars.

You might even want to try a business that you've never been to before, make it an adventure.

I feel so strongly about small business, I'm making an offer to you, if you own a small business. I'm going to set up a special website that is nothing but AMERICAN small businesses.

To get your business on the website is simple. Email me the following at:
  1. Picture of business - preferably the owners or staff. Exterior shots are OK, but this is about people. Have everyone stand in front of the store. That will work, too.
  2. Names of people in picture. For staff members, you can submit first name only, but for owners, we'd like to get the full name. And make sure you list the names from left to right, as they appear in the picture. I don't want to have to play guessing games as to who is who. 
  3. Address: Street address, City, State, Zip
  4. Phone number
  5. Website address
  6. Brief description of what you do. Keep it under 100 words. 
  7. Put SMALL BUSINESS in the subject line of the email.
The site will be regularly promoted here with a banner ad and links to the site. Your listing is permanent. And it's FREE. Pass this email along to anyone else you know that owns a small business.

I don't know what kind of response we'll get for this, so please allow time for your listing to be put up on the website.

So, the day after the madness at the malls, Saturday, November 26th, 2011, shop small on Small Business Saturday - it will be the best thing you can do to support AMERICAN Small Business.

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  1. I believe in this. Thank you for the reminder.
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