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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street ( #OWS ) Time To Go Home

Time for OWS to go home and Occupy Living Room.
On November 14, 2011, NYPD cleared out the Occupy Wall Street protestors from New York's Zuccotti Park. A judge had ruled that they were not allowed to take over a public area. New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg said, "The first amendment protects freedom of speech, it doesn't give you the right to camp out." I think it's time for the Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) and all the other "Occupy" clones to go home.

A month ago, I wrote about the OWS gang and asked, "What is their objective?" I've gone over their website again and the only objective I can see is for them to keep organizing. There is no call for a specific action. And that is sad because they do have a point.

Corporate greed has done a lot of damage to our economy. I can give you several things the OWS crowd should be calling for:
  • Hank Paulson - former Treasury Secretary - should be investigated regarding the secret meeting he had with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and three other large brokerage firms and how he allowed them to leverage 20 to 1, instead of the usual 10 to 1. 
  • Angelo Mozilo - former CEO of Country Wide Mortgage - should be indicted and sent to prison, just like Bernie Madoff for giving out mortgages to unqualified buyers. 
  • Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac should be investigated for their corrupt lending policies that helped create the housing bubble.
  • Any corporation who outsourced 10% or more of their jobs overseas should be investigated to see what incentives were offered for their actions and determine how we can prevent large chunks of jobs being shipped to other countries. 
  • Action needs to be taken against China for manipulating their currency and creating an unfair trade imbalance. 
Those are just a few of the ideas I have... too bad all of those protestors nationwide couldn't come up with ONE actionable idea in 60 days. I think they need to start "Occupy Living Room" and watch a little more PBS on the economy and how things work.

If you destroy Wall Street as a whole, then no one will have jobs. For some reason that thought flies right over the OWS heads like a Frisbee on a sunny Sunday in Central Park.

Capitalism is what made this country great. Is it fair? No. The hardest working, brightest minds learn it and use it to their advantage. Those that mastered it built railroads, airlines, military supplies, consumer products, computers, software - everything that is considered part of America - and they got filthy rich doing it. They created all the jobs that everyone is mad are being shipped overseas. You can't bite the hand that feeds you, even if the rations are getting smaller.

On the other hand, globalization not Wall Street is the main culprit. Labor is a commodity. It goes to the lowest bidder. Third world countries and China are now the labor of the world. America has to become the brains of the show, like we used to be.

We need to focus on education. We need to become the best and the brightest again. Research and innovation is what will bring us to the top of the global markets. 

The "Occupy" movements on the right and left coasts should take a lesson from the people of Missouri. They didn't clean up Joplin by yelling and marching around the wreckage. They came up with a plan, took action and worked on rebuilding. OWS has no plan. So, Occupy Coffee Shop until you come up with one and then we'll see if we'll listen to your second CD (Civil Disobedience).

Right now, OWS is their own worst enemy. A month ago, 86% of Americans were OK with them protesting, as long as it was peaceful. But now communities are seeing a strain put on law enforcement - who should be out chasing criminals - service crews - who should be out cleaning up the rest of the city and sanitation - who should be cleaning port-a-potties and not power washing feces and urine from "Occupy" camp. Dudes, you need a plan.

If OWS still can't come up with a plan, how about Occupy NBA... there's a bunch of overpaid freaks (players and owners) who need to take a reality check on compensation and how the teams share funds. I can barely afford to park at an NBA game, let alone get in the building.

Yes, it's time to go home for Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) and Occupy The Couch until they come up with an objective.

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  1. The group of people representing OWS are coming from many different viewpoints and many are disillusioned by politics as it plays out now. It makes sense that widely varying groups would take time to organize together. In your own post, you mentioned many possible objectives and did not narrow it down to one, either. That's because there are a lot of complaints to address, but no forum to bring all the occupy groups into communication (yet). It takes time to develop a mission; it takes courage to speak out. I see OWS going to the streets to stand up and find their voice... I see you sitting at a computer criticizing.

  2. Anon...

    Thanks for you comment. And thanks for observing accurately what a write does - we observe and comment. You called it criticism... and in this case it is.

    I'll give you an example how simple this could be. Rosa Parks, by herself, got on a bus and refused to obey the law. She had a very clear objective and attacked a specific problem. She didn't need a committee, a meeting, a website, funding, tents, etc. And by herself, she started an entire movement.

    A friend on Facebook was saying that OWS was really behind the American Jobs Act, but they've backed down on that position.

    I agree, there is corruption on Wall Street, but ALL of the companies of the S&P 500?

    There have been people who have amassed wealth throughout American history. Ford, Carnegie, etc. There are more today. And there is a disparity, but I'd like to see an objective... as clear as the single act by Rosa Parks.

    Right now, OWS is costing cities a lot of money. They're not hurting Wall Street, they're putting an undue burden on cash strapped police, fire, safety and sanitation systems.

    Even the media scratched their heads when OWS started, "They have no obejective, they're just there."

    And, there are serious issues arising with the protestors. There have been a number of arrests, rapes, muggings. How many rapes are there at Tea Party rallies? (I'm not a Tea Party fan) But that is something to think about.


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