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Friday, November 4, 2011

LV365 Selects For Online Marketing

LV365 goes with for online marketing.
All of this work, the sleepless nights in coffee shops and restaurants, the long days, the sore fingers from writing post after post are finally getting some attention and could be paying off, soon. LV365, a Las Vegas-based VIP Services company, has selected for their online marketing.

A meeting that began with a Facebook connection on a completely different subject got around to nightlife and online marketing. Darin Gerhardson, partner and Entertainment Director for LV365 needed help. He and his partner have been providing VIP Services - limos, no-line VIP access to nightclubs, bottle service, show tickets and more - for 5 years to the upper-end Las Vegas visitor, but they wanted a better interactive experience with their clients and potential clients - that is where Roger Blazic of came in.

Blazic's first assignment was to revamp their dormant blog - Las Vegas Nightlife Services.

"We wanted something sexy, hip and Vegas," said Gerhardson. "And it had to fit the look and feel of our existing website."

In 24 hours, Blazic completely revamped the site - see the before and after.

"We also wanted a stronger line of communications on Twitter. Roger set up a new Twitter account for us that will market what we offer and some of the special events we will be involved in," Gerhardson added.

Part of the reason LV365 sought outside help was their growth. "We are still a relatively young company, but we have incredible connections and offer phenomenal deals to the A-list Vegas visitor. We have been so busy, we just didn't have the time to concentrate on the Internet and present the right brand message. Roger's background in branding and advertising and his knowledge of the entertainment side of Vegas, having been a former Vegas stand-up comic, brought the right skill sets to our team."

There are a number of social media outlets where Blazic will concentrate on developing clientele. "I love what LV365 does," said Blazic. "They deal so honestly with customers and to me that was very important. Vegas has it's share of shifty characters. Darin and his partner were so up-front about what they do and how they do business, I couldn't pass this up."

Now that LV365 has selected for their online marketing, you'll see a lot more events, specials and news from the Entertainment Capital of The World - Las Vegas. Plus, LV365 is now creating celebrity events. "Our services keep expanding," said Gerhardson, "We're setting a bar that no one will be able to jump over."

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