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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Imaginary Band Provides Real Fun For Fans

They started out as The Knights. LOL.
In this day and age, it's hard to meet people. The best way is to share a common interest. Music is a uniting force in all societies. Superstar musicians, who charge a week's pay to attend their concerts, sell CD's by the boatload. You have to be rich to be a fan. Well, I've come up with an alternative - Roger And The Imaginary Dudes - This imaginary band provides real fun for fans.

That's right, I have an imaginary band. But they have real music. Music I made on Apple's Garage Band. There is an entire background story on the band and the music on the band's website.

This is just a totally fun creative project. I learned how to make music, even though I'm a really poor piano, trumpet and guitar player - but talent is not what it's all about. At least not musical talent. This is all about software talent - being able to mix and match pre-recorded loops and possibly some real instruments together to make songs. And the songs have gotten good feedback. They're also on the band site.

Roger And The Imaginary Dudes is the quintessential blue collar band. With the economy the way it is today, who can afford to go to concerts? Anyone can afford to go to RATID concerts, they're FREE.

Now, you're asking, "How the hell can an imaginary band have concerts?" Simple. What do you need for a concert? Three things... a venue, music and people. Well, Roger And The Imaginary Band can produce all three.

Since this is an imaginary band, that has real music, the concerts are all Internet based and will be held at Denny's and other WiFi spots around the country. Fans of the band will be given a date, time and location - just go there. There will be instructions on wearing a ribbon or some sign so you can identify other RATID fans. Meet, eat, laugh, listen to the music on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Then... and this is the cool part... take pictures of the other "concert" goers and email them to the band. They will be posted on the band's site.

Another cool aspect of an imaginary band is that it can do concerts in multiple cities on a single night. I see fan turnout competitions in the future here. "Hey we had 12 in Detroit, 14 in Ft. Worth and 6 in Pittsburgh."

The band is going to have a Twitter account... it had two that were suspended after only a handful of tweets. Read the full story on the band's website.

Eventually, the songs will be available on iTunes and there will be videos and merchandise. You can keep up with Roger And The Imaginary Dudes on their ReverbNation site. There you can get info on the band, listen to music, check the concert dates that will be coming, see press info and more. You can even be a fan.

Roger And The Imaginary Dudes is a parody, but it is a fun parody. There will be stories of the band members, their struggles with life and addictions. It's really a story. A fun story. But it's also a way to connect with other people and share something that is totally FREE - music, concerts, chat. That is something we can all afford.

Yes, the band is fictional, and the stories will be the same, but the music, concerts and fans will all be real. And with that combination, this imaginary band provides real fun for fans - at a price they can afford.

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