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Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Do You Like The New Look To The Site?

The new site look feels like breast enhancement.
Sometimes you just have to make a change. It might be necessary or it might be due to boredom or the need for a change of pace. Lately, I've built a couple blog sites for some projects and I had a chance to experiment with more of the basic Blogger templates. After creating the other sites, I thought, "Wow, those look so cool." Then, I'd come back here and think, "Gee, this looks hokey." So, I made some drastic changes and I need to know, "How do you like the new look to the site?"

I actually broke one of my guidelines in my How To Start A Blog course - don't use reverse type - light type on dark backgrounds. But after working with it on a few other sites, I got to see how it could work.

My biggest complaint about people who use white type on dark backgrounds is that they select a font that is too small or is not clean. The type winds up looking blurred and it is hard to read. I didn't like the type for this particular template, so I customized everything to my specs. The type is clean and I made it larger, so those of us with reading glasses won't have to put our noses to the screen to see what is here.

I also like the way the links pop off the page with the blue.

I played around a lot with a variety of background shots, too. I built a complex array of black & white photographs that looked really cool in concept, but were too busy to be on the sides of the blog. It created a total mind buster, looking at the type with all this busy stuff on the sides. For a moment, I thought I was on some high school girl's MySpace page.

Something I mentioned the other day in a previous post was the way I figured out how to split the articles and show more of them on the landing page. I have the last 8 articles, which is a normal week's worth of articles. That way, if you haven't been here for several days, you can scan the past week by just scrolling down the page.

Another thing I've done is eliminated all of the time sensitive posts from my TwitPic widget at the bottom of this blog. All of the posts are "timeless" - which means you can read them now or in six months and they're still probably relevant.

What that means for you, if you like a post, just look for the picture in the TwitPic widget, click on it and it takes you to a pre-written tweet, complete with hashtags and you can share it with your Twitter followers. (And I appreciate any sharing anyone does. Pass it on, pass it on.)

But I really need to know about the colors. On this side of the screen, in the editor, it's still a white background with black type. But you're the one who comes here and reads. What do you think? Is it hard on the eyes? Your opinion matters, a lot.

For the moment, though, I feel like I just got a boob job. The look feels bigger and fuller than the previous look. I think I went from an A cup to a D.

But, seriously, how do you like the new look to the site? Your opinion matters here.

And to the guys... check out the site and stop staring at the boobs in this post.

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