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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog SEO Helps Page Views In October Hit 2nd Highest Level

October was 2nd highest number of page views for this site.
Back in June and July of 2011, I was wondering where this blog was headed. I had no regular computer. It worked, didn't work, then died. I did not get a new (refurbished) computer until almost mid August. From there, I got back to basics and my blog SEO helped page views in October hit the 2nd highest level I've achieved with this site.

Page views increased 13.6% to hit 20,367. I'm still off the 37,000+ page views I hit in May of 2011, my third month working on this blog. But, I can see the momentum building and things are looking good.

In May, however, I was generating a lot of traffic, but few people were returning visitors. Only 7.62% of visitors in May were coming back to this site from a previous visit. Now, that number has increased to 21.11% - which is about the same as September.

During November, I plan to work on creating back links to this site. That should eventually help with Page Rank, which was 2, but dropped back to 1 in August.

Google AdSense revenue has still been paltry. However, the work I've done on blog SEO and social media marketing to drive traffic to this site landed me an opportunity. I am now doing the online marketing for a Las Vegas-based VIP Services company -

They provide limousines, VIP club entrance, bottle service, events, show tickets, travel arrangements, etc. for higher-end Vegas visitors. They have a website, but their blog was a disaster. I rebuilt the entire blog in one day. Check this post to see what it was like before... it's hideous. I started working on the blog Tuesday night and the basic framework you see was all done by Wednesday night. I worked 24 hours straight on the site. My boss loves it.

I'm working on commission, which is just like being in your own business. You don't make any money until you get the sale. If I send them leads that they can convert, I'll get paid.

This is the kind of opportunity that I mentioned in my post, Where Could Your Blog Take You? You just don't know in this business. I've had several tire kickers ask me for help on their sites, but they must have thought I was a charity or the blog welfare office. I don't work for free, unless it's for myself.

There are other opportunities that building this blog offers me down the road. And you never know what else will pop up.

I still have my deal with I write about America's Got Talent on this site and they pick up my show recaps. I'm also working on some off-season interviews that they may pick up. The compensation is zip, but the name recognition is huge. I'm associated with the #1 show of the summer months.

If you're a blogger or you're thinking about blogging, there are opportunities out there. You have to make up your mind to work hard. I've have busted my ass on this site and my other sites. As a result, I'm on a fast track. I get more traffic to this site than a lot of people who have been blogging for years. I know my stuff. Read my How To Start A Blog course under the MAKE MONEY tab at the top.

That course will be greatly expanded and turned into an eBook. Another potential moneymaker.

There is a "next step", which I'm not at liberty to discuss. But if that works out, it could be very lucrative. You'll know when the time is right.

If you want to think about blogging as a business, then it comes down to a couple things - keywords, SEO and generating organic traffic from search engines. Marketing is a key, too. That's it in a nutshell. Otherwise, you might as well write your posts in a word processor and forget about publishing them. No one will see them, unless you master the above. And my course covers pretty much everything I do.

I learned a new trick today... I'll write about it in a future post. But for now, my blog SEO helped page views in October hit the 2nd highest level since I started this blog, and that is OK with me.

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