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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black And White Photography Collection - Vol. 1

When I was changing the template and customizing this blog, I got an idea to have a border background made up of really great black and white photos. The concept I came up with proved to be too busy for this blog and actually was hard on the eyes. Plus, the photos were so small, you really could not appreciate how great they were. This is the first of many Black And White Photography Collections - Vol. 1. 

It wasn't until I saw the movie Sunset Blvd. as a kid that I began to really appreciate the medium of black and white photography and filmography. In the black and white world, lighting is everything. A shadow can dominate a scene or a photo in a completely different manner than in the full color world.

Elements like eyes, lips and other facial features carry completely different meanings in the blacks and grays of the B&W spectrum.

Here are some great photos that I found but just could not bring myself to leave them in a folder. Enjoy.

I love the clouds and water.

At times, this is the journey that I feel that I'm on.

Abe, early years.

Look at the eyes.

This is a neat little touch-up job.

If Picasso worked with film.

I've been in that garage.

Lighting, lighting, lighting.

Just fun.

Eyes, lips... luscious.

The complexity of this shot is intense.

I've met this guy. I think.

The King with a smile.

My favorite shot. Step back and look at it.


There is an entire story in those eyes.


Young Neil

Hey, hey, my, my, rock-n-roll will never die.

Spectacular eyes.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. There will be more. This is not my last Black and White Photography Collection. It's just Vol. 1.

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