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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Best $5.00 I Ever Spent - an ALL MY DONUTS story

1950's Jeana at Denny's
Surviving as a single mother can be tough. Money is always an issue. And the kids always seems to need more than what the paycheck is worth. But, a smart, savvy mindset can make the most of a tight situation and nothing proves that more than my friend Jeana's Halloween costume. As she said, "The best $5.00 I ever spent."

At Denny's the employees were allowed to dress up for Halloween. Jeana is a fun person, she gets into the holidays and gets excited about the simple things in life. Raising two young children on her own makes her figure out the best way to afford a good time.

For Halloween, she went around to thrift stores and found an old 1950-60's waitress dress. It cost her $5.00. She looked around for a name tag that said, "FLO" but couldn't find one.

Putting her hair up in a 1950's style, a load of heavy bright red lipstick and she was ready to work.

To me, it was the most fun costume of the day. The retro look and the memories of defunct diners from the past was worth more to me than the $5.00 she spent on the costume.

Living on a budget doesn't mean you don't have to have fun. My favorite game with my daughter used to be buying a huge pack of paper cups at Costco for $4 or $5. We'd play games and have contests on who could stack the cups the highest.

We liked to build the giant pyramids on the kitchen table and try to get the stack to go all the way to the ceiling fan. Then, we'd turn on the fan and blow the cups all over the kitchen. The next game was to see who could pick up the most cups.

We got dozens of hours of fun, laughs and bonding time out of those simple paper cups.

They were great, one could get crushed and we'd just throw it away. They can't break. No batteries. Never need an upgrade. No registration. Can't break anything. Won't scratch surfaces. Can't hurt kids. Not a choking hazard. No lead. Hypoallergenic.

Cups. A $5 dress. Fun does not have to be expensive. It just has to have the right attitude to go with it.

Speaking of Halloween...

I had to include this picture of my sister's dog, Buzz, in his spider costume. When you put it on him, he will just stand in the same spot all day. He'll never move. It's hilarious.

Buzz, the spider. He'll be there all day. LOL.

In both cases... The best $5 I ever spent. And our kids and friends love it.

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