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Thursday, November 3, 2011

2nd Edition: I Have Too Many Beautiful Women On Facebook As Friends

I don't need this. I need READERS.
Yes, my curse continues. I blog and blog, hoping for readers to flock to my site. I share my posts on Twitter and I share them on Facebook. But I have some concerns about my friends on Facebook. I have too many beautiful women on Facebook as friends.

I mentioned this in the original post. It's horrible. Beautiful women spend all their time being beautiful. They had hundreds of photos of themselves on their profiles. You can't get all those pictures taken and take time to read my blog. I don't know what to do. And they keep coming. One beautiful woman after another. Feel my pain.

Here are more than 60 Beautiful Women On Facebook that are probably NOT reading my blog. All of them are friends of mine on Facebook. I've verified that these are real pictures because they all had lots and lots of pictures. I have friends on Facebook who have beautiful women as their profile picture, but that is the only shot they have or they have several shots of different beautiful women. All of these are real. And I can't take it.

Can't read my blog at the pool. Damn. 

No one reads my blog at the club.
No blog on site at this photo shoot.
Beach. Blog? No. might make it here.
No time for poor Roger and his silly blog.
It takes time to shop for jewelry. No time to read my blog.
She's too busy being beautiful. Most of my readers wouldn't fit in that dress.
She's insanely famous and rich. But she is on my friend's list. No blog for Kim.
Not wearing blog reading attire. It's hopeless.
She looks like she might read my blog. But I doubt it.
Beauty before blog every time.

Maybe she has WiFi in her hotel room. Hope springs eternal.
She's having too much fun outside to sit and read
Beautiful hair and make-up take time. No time left for Roger and his YouTube videos.
I think you need underpants to read my blog. Rules?
She's Hot For Words... but will she be Hot For My Blog?
She tried to read my blog, but suffered a back injury. Oh, well.
"Would you read my blog? Hey, don't act so surprised."
She's been in so many magazines, she's busy looking at them.
"Up against the wall, lady. Read - PLEASE?"
She's a doctor. Certainly she might have an interest in my missives.
She just spent a whole day being beautiful. No time for me.
"Hey, hey, hey... the blog's over here."
Impossible to read my blog from that position.
"You have a computer. Will you read my blog? Damn."
She smiles. But she won't read my blog.
She's a beautiful professional woman. Too busy being beautiful and professional.
I don't see an iPad anywhere. I'm screwed.
Wifi reception might be better out there, but I'm not sure.
She spends all day at the gym. Blog reader? I think not.
No blog readers at the club. This is hopeless.
Much too busy dressing and undressing to read my blog.
My blog is the OTHER WAY >>>>>>>>>
Are those reading glasses?
No blog reading in that position.
Get a grip. It's only a funny blog.
"Kim, would you read my blog? Please?"
Beaches, blogs, they don't go together.
Check out my blog. Just once.
There's that damn beach problem again.
Hookah read my blog? Anyone. Try it.
Turn around. Just turn around. I have an iPad right here. Seeeeeeeeeee.
I wore that same outfit when I started my blog. I outgrew it, though.
Too busy being beautiful.
No WiFi access there. Crap.
You don't get those abs reading a blog.
Yes, I have a blog. Would you like to read it?
Fitness chicks are not good for me. Too much gym time.
I applied to be a breast tester, but I wound up a blogger.
A lot of time goes into hair and makeup. Not a reader.
She does not look thrilled with an offer to read
Nap time ain't blog time.
She spend a LOT of time being beautiful. No time for Roger. Sigh.
After she gets done making adjustments, maybe she'll read my blog.
Another fitness babe. Gym time always kills me.
I don't see a laptop or an iPad in that locker.
Yes, she's painfully famous. Too busy with movies to read my blog.
Impossible to read my blog and drive. Worse than texting.
There's that damn driving problem again. Not safe to read me.
Hair, makeup, lingerie store. Too busy for poor Roger.
I'm not big with people in uniform. She's probably on active duty.
She's busy with breast cancer awareness.
No one that happy reads my blog. Period.
And in the end, I fell like an ass. Or I want to feel an ass. READ MY BLOG!

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