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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Change The Pledge Of Allegiance, Please

I think they changed this salute after World War 2.
That's right, I want the powers that be to change the Pledge Of Allegiance, please. But not the way most people have said it should be changed. I want to change the part that isn't truthful. Yes, there were good intentions when the Pledge Of Allegiance was written, but times have changed and so should the pledge.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Goofy Neighbors: Chuck The Dork

He was a dork, but a good person at heart.
It's getting to be that time of year. Around the holidays, I reminisce a lot. I think about how the holidays were when I was growing up. I think about the excitement of being a child. I think about the people I knew in what seems like another lifetime. And there is no way to think about people without thinking about goofy neighbors, like Chuck The Dork.

Chuck was not your average dork. He was a D. O. R. K. kind of dork. Before tattoos became popular, Chuck work the D.O.R.K. label quite royally. It was hard to find anyone who superseded Chuck.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cell Numbers Go Public - Do Not Call Registry Is Best Defense

Get on the Do Not Call Registry to protect yourself.
For years, there was nothing worse than getting those evening calls from someone you didn't know, trying to sell you something. Then, the Do Not Call Registry came along and you had some relief. Cell phones were untouched because those numbers were not public and telemarketers did not have access to them. This month, cell phone numbers go public and the Do Not Call Registry is your best defense against unwanted solicitations.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weird You Tube Videos - Poodle Exercise For Humans

Weird YouTube videos... can't get much weirder.
OMG, OMG, OMG... I've just spent 43 hours, straight, working on my blog, rebuilding a website that Google suddenly suspended (??????? on that) and marketing for the nightclub services company I'm working for. I'm exhausted. Then the urge hit me that I wanted to see if one of my posts was on page one of Google. It was about breast enhancement with Photoshop. The title of the post starts off, Weird YouTube Videos... those were my keywords for the post. And this post deserves the same lead in - Weird YouTube Videos. This, however, has to be the weirdest of the weird. You really can't get much weirdier than this - Poodle Exercise With Humans.

Friday, November 18, 2011

David Michael: Public Speaking With Humor - Secrets From The Greenroom

Learn public speaking with humor
Have you ever had to sit through a boring presentation or speech? Have you given a boring presentation or speech? You can usually tell by the droopy eyelids in the second or third row. Not everyone is a dynamic public speaker. But that can change. Humor is magical with audiences. And 20 year comedy veteran David Michael teaches public speaking with humor in his new book: Secrets From The Greenroom.

What makes this book so unique is that it is the first book on public speaking ever written by a professional comedian. Stand-up comics live and die by crowd attentiveness and response. David Michael, from Pittsburgh, PA, has been on the road telling jokes to complete strangers for over 20 years. He knows exactly how to draw a crowd in and keep them there for his entire performance.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street ( #OWS ) Time To Go Home

Time for OWS to go home and Occupy Living Room.
On November 14, 2011, NYPD cleared out the Occupy Wall Street protestors from New York's Zuccotti Park. A judge had ruled that they were not allowed to take over a public area. New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg said, "The first amendment protects freedom of speech, it doesn't give you the right to camp out." I think it's time for the Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) and all the other "Occupy" clones to go home.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How To Use Twitter For Marketing Your Blog

Not Spam. It's smart marketing.
After spending quite a bit of time surfing around the blogosphere, I've found that very few bloggers know how to market their blogs. They post and leave it at that. Not much of a plan. In this post, I want to show you a very proactive approach to marketing your blog. It has worked tremendously for me and it can work for you, too. This is how to use Twitter for marketing your blog.

I developed my strategy from what I learned owning an advertising agency in Las Vegas and the radio and television media we used to buy and place. Most bloggers don't understand how those mediums work. Twitter is comparable to the radio or television of the Internet. It allows you to send a brief message out with a call to action - a link to your blog or blog post. You can use hashtags (#) to target your message - i.e. - #humor #comedy #music #parents #teens - whatever applies to the tweet you are sending.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Graces5 Is Revolutionizing Healthy Eating

Lemon Chicken served with organic vegetables at Graces5.
When most people think of healthy eating, they think of eliminating fats, eating more fruits and vegetables, skipping deep-fried food and not having ice cream for breakfast. But to truly eat healthy, you have to go much deeper into what the foods contain. Oddly, many foods we have eaten for centuries are making us sick because many people have food allergies. In Redmond, Washington, Graces5 is revolutionizing healthy eating.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Brownie's Playbook - an ALL MY DONUTS film

Brownie - Cleveland Browns logo from the 1950's.
There seems to be a pattern developing with this year's edition of the Cleveland Browns. It may be happening with your favorite team, too. In this ALL MY DONUTS film, we get a visit from the former mascot of the Cleveland Browns, Brownie, and take a look at Brownie's Playbook.

Brownie discovers the fundamental problem the Browns are having this year. See how he solves the problem - or at least offers a solution.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do You Remember Your First New Car?

Lisa's new 2012 Chevy Cruze.
There is a magical moment in everyone's life, when they get their first new car. I'm not talking about a car you get for $500. I'm talking about a car that has that dealer sticker in the passenger window; that has that new car smell; that doesn't have a nick or scratch on it; that has 3 miles on the odometer; that has a paper license plate until you get your real plates. For some people, they're still waiting for that day. And when it comes, it will be magical. Do you remember your first new car?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teach Your Kids To Tip Properly, Ya Cheap Bastards

Nicole and her $12 tip for 15 people. They left a mess.
I'm upset. No, that's too light. I'm steaming. Disgusted. And a bit in shock. I spend the majority of my days and nights in coffee shops and restaurants using their FREE WiFi. Lately, I've spent the most time at Denny's because it is 24/7, the Diet Cokes are unlimited and they have so many tables, I'm not hurting a server by taking up a valuable table in their section. I see a lot of behavior that is not suitable for public behavior, but that is another post. Today, I'm fuming about tipping. And I'm focusing on young people who go out in large groups to restaurants. My guess is they don't know how to tip. So, this is directed at the parents - Teach your kids to tip properly, ya cheap bastards.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Best $5.00 I Ever Spent - an ALL MY DONUTS story

1950's Jeana at Denny's
Surviving as a single mother can be tough. Money is always an issue. And the kids always seems to need more than what the paycheck is worth. But, a smart, savvy mindset can make the most of a tight situation and nothing proves that more than my friend Jeana's Halloween costume. As she said, "The best $5.00 I ever spent."

At Denny's the employees were allowed to dress up for Halloween. Jeana is a fun person, she gets into the holidays and gets excited about the simple things in life. Raising two young children on her own makes her figure out the best way to afford a good time.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weird Search Terms That Got People To My Blog

Sometimes the searches are just plain weird.

There are lots of ways that people wind up at your blog. You can give them the URL, put a link on Facebook or Twitter, write the address on the bathroom wall or someone can find you through a search engine. In the Blogger Stats area, you can see what search terms were used in the last couple hours. I noticed that some of the search terms were really strange, so I started collecting them. Here are weird search terms that got people to my blog.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black And White Photography Collection - Vol. 1

When I was changing the template and customizing this blog, I got an idea to have a border background made up of really great black and white photos. The concept I came up with proved to be too busy for this blog and actually was hard on the eyes. Plus, the photos were so small, you really could not appreciate how great they were. This is the first of many Black And White Photography Collections - Vol. 1. 

Dancing With The Stars - Week 8 Results - Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Yes, the door is that way." Nancy Grace cut from DWTS
The survivor's of Tuesday's episode of Dancing With The Stars would be moving on to the semi-finals. Although, there wasn't too much drama as Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus were 7 points behind the next lowest couple after all of the dancing on Monday. Once the Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Results for Tuesday, November 8, 2011 were revealed, Nancy Grace was sent home.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Suicide Prevention Is Everyone's Responsibility

"I just might die tonight. No one cares."
For this post, I didn't do my usual research. I didn't dig up a lot of statistics and try to whittle them down to the most salient numbers to make my point. Actually, I did get some numbers and I didn't have to go far. A mouse click or two and I was in the Stats area of the Blogger platform. What I saw disturbed me. And I came to the conclusion that suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility.

Jammin' With Jimmie Jive - an ALL MY DONUTS film

Jimmie Jive speaks, but not everyone is happy.
Since the reemergence of Roger And The Imaginary Dudes - (a band parody) - people have been wanting to know who is in this imaginary band. We have imaginary people that fill in all of the musical positions. They will become characters all to themselves and you can follow them on the official band site - Roger And The Imaginary Dudes. This week, we get a look at the band's guitarist. My ALL MY DONUTS film is - Jammin' With Jimmie Jive.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Do You Like The New Look To The Site?

The new site look feels like breast enhancement.
Sometimes you just have to make a change. It might be necessary or it might be due to boredom or the need for a change of pace. Lately, I've built a couple blog sites for some projects and I had a chance to experiment with more of the basic Blogger templates. After creating the other sites, I thought, "Wow, those look so cool." Then, I'd come back here and think, "Gee, this looks hokey." So, I made some drastic changes and I need to know, "How do you like the new look to the site?"

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Imaginary Band Provides Real Fun For Fans

They started out as The Knights. LOL.
In this day and age, it's hard to meet people. The best way is to share a common interest. Music is a uniting force in all societies. Superstar musicians, who charge a week's pay to attend their concerts, sell CD's by the boatload. You have to be rich to be a fan. Well, I've come up with an alternative - Roger And The Imaginary Dudes - This imaginary band provides real fun for fans.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

2nd Edition: I Have Too Many Beautiful Women On Facebook As Friends

I don't need this. I need READERS.
Yes, my curse continues. I blog and blog, hoping for readers to flock to my site. I share my posts on Twitter and I share them on Facebook. But I have some concerns about my friends on Facebook. I have too many beautiful women on Facebook as friends.

I mentioned this in the original post. It's horrible. Beautiful women spend all their time being beautiful. They had hundreds of photos of themselves on their profiles. You can't get all those pictures taken and take time to read my blog. I don't know what to do. And they keep coming. One beautiful woman after another. Feel my pain.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dancing With The Stars - Week 7 Results - Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kym Johnson and David Arquette are out on DWTS.
Fan voting came into play for the Week 7 Results on Dancing With The Stars, Tuesday, November 1, 2011. Based on Monday's judge's scores, it looked like Nancy Grace was headed for the door. But, surprisingly, David Arquette and Kym Johnson were eliminated from the chase for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

How To Deal With Negative Comments And Critics

You WILL get critics. Learn from them or leave them.
Any time you put yourself out in the public eye you will eventually get negative feedback. It could be regarding something you said in a speech or something you wrote. Negativity could come from a co-worker, an audience member or a reader. I've had my share of "not so nice" feedback and here is how to deal with negative feedback and critics.

When negative feedback comes your way, you've probably heard the old platitude, "Don't take it personal." Well, when someone yells at you on stage, "YOU SUCK!" it's hard to look over your shoulder to see who they're talking to. That's a personal remark - no if's, and's or but's.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blog SEO Helps Page Views In October Hit 2nd Highest Level

October was 2nd highest number of page views for this site.
Back in June and July of 2011, I was wondering where this blog was headed. I had no regular computer. It worked, didn't work, then died. I did not get a new (refurbished) computer until almost mid August. From there, I got back to basics and my blog SEO helped page views in October hit the 2nd highest level I've achieved with this site.

Dancing With The Stars - Week 7 Recap - Monday, October 31, 2011

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough tops of DWTS for 4th time.
Even while fighting injury, Ricki Lake continues to impress as she topped the leader board for the fourth time in Week 7 on Dancing With The Stars, Monday, October 31, 2011. It was a special night as each couple danced individually and also danced in a group dance.

Sharp pains in her chest could not keep Ricki Lake and Derek Hough away from the lead in the run for the Mirror Ball Trophy. Dancing a Paso Doble, the pair scored 9's across the board for a total of 27.

You Just Have To Watch It. Absolutely Incredible !!!!!