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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today, It's Your Turn To Talk, I'm Too Tired

It's not a big question, but it's important to you.
Oh, it's been hectic on this side of the keyboard. I got into a new project, which could actually produce some substantial income, if it pans out. I'm doing Internet marketing for a Las Vegas VIP Services company. The first steps were to get all the infrastructure in place. Then, I told one of the company partners, "I'm only going to do what I do every day, just more of it." So, with marketing three blogs, a website and managing three Twitter accounts, I'm a bit pooped. Today, it's your turn to talk, I'm too tired.

Since you're not sitting here with me in real time, I guess I'll have to direct the conversation. It's simple. I made a few changes on this blog. Those of you that make this a regular stop, and I know that about 26% of the people who come here come back (That's up from 7% in July.), you know this place. So, there are more than just a few people who are familiar with the lay of the land on You know where the fire exits are, where the restrooms are located and you can easily find the snack bar. And you know that every February 30th I offer FREE BEER. No kidding. Those of you who are repeat customers may have notices a few things that are different.

Some of the changes to this blog were merely cosmetic. I changed a few colors around, more to see how they looked. I'm OK with them so far. I shuffled a few things off and shuffled a few things around. But there has been one BIG change that I've made to this site and I need YOUR input on whether it is a good change or we go back to the old ways.

On the Blogger editor, I know what all of the icons mean and what they do, except for one. I had no idea what it did, until today. It looks like this.

Had no idea what that did. Then, I clicked on something that led me to something else and I ran into the explanation of what it does.

Normally, when you come here, there is the latest post and you can read through the post. Up on the right, I had links to the last 5 posts. But what this gizmo does, is it chops the post wherever you set your cursor and ads a Continue Reading > link at the cut, which you click to continue on reading the post.

What this allows you to do is to have several posts on your home page that are all truncated. You could just leave the last five or six posts in their entirety, but that's a lot of scrolling. What I have now is these shortened views of the last five posts. Rather than looking at a static link, you can scroll down, see the picture, the title, maybe read the opening paragraph or so and decide if it's worth your time.

But... you have to click the link to continue and that takes a few seconds for the blog to reload. Is that a major hassle? You're the only one who can tell me that.

So, look at it, think about it, phone a friend, feed a stray dog and leave a comment.

To clarify, the question is... Do you like the "Continue Reading >" link and the ability to scan the last five posts or should I go back to having the latest post on the page in its entirety and put the links in the sidebar for the last 5 posts?

I doesn't matter to me. I have to deal with writing this stuff. You're the one that is gracious enough to spend time reading what my numb fingers produce. So, let me know  - comment, comment, comment.

Yes, today it's your turn to talk. I'm too tired. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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