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Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Page Views Rise 2.7% From August

Still off the high of May 2011.
September was only slightly better than August in terms of page views on this blog. September page views increased 2.7% from August. However, there has been a very encouraging trend with regard to returning visitors, and also with time on site.

When I was in standup comedy, we had a saying, "You can always get booked once. Getting booked back is another story." The same applies to a blog or website. You can drive tons of people to your site, but will they come back?

In July, about 7% of the people coming to this site were return visitors. In September, that number has tripled to over 21%. Also, the average time on the site has increased by about 30 seconds, which may be due to the videos.

Page views are still far from the May 2011 high of over 37,000 for the month. Right now, they're about 52% less. Part of what was driving traffic so robustly in May was excellent search engine placement on some popular shows I was writing about. Search engine placement makes all the difference in the world. It can mean the difference between getting 1,500 views in a couple hours to 150 views on a post all week.

The drop in traffic has pushed my ranking down, too. In a little over three months, I was ranked within the top 50,000 sites in the U.S. Now, that number has slipped to around 300,000. I also took a hit on my Google PageRank. I had been up to a 2, but it has dropped to a 1.

All of the pieces have been coming together, though. Blog content is still good. I've added videos. I've dumped a bunch of superfluous junk off of the site and tightened up some of the buttons. All minor tweaks, but they help.

One of the biggest changes established in September was scheduling. I was publishing as soon as I finished a post and on some days that could be as many as five or six posts. Email subscribers would exit in droves every time I pulled one of those days. Now, I'm planning on one to two posts a day. New videos come out every Monday morning, so you can pass them around the office all week. Having a routine is better for me and for you. You'll know what to expect.

I will be announcing a new project this week that should be very exciting. At least it is for me. I hope you see how powerful this project can be.

Even though the September page views were up only 2.7% from August, I'll take it. But the other changes make up for the modest gain.

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