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Monday, October 24, 2011

THE PROFESSOR - Donut Philosophy - an ALL MY DONUTS film

THE PROFESSOR spouts Donut Philosophy.
There was a day when the great sages of my youth spouted world-changing platitudes after some sort of mind-altering activity. It all made sense. We CAN change the world with a potato peeler and a coconut. Nowadays, age is the mind-altering factor. Either old age or just too much information accumulated over a lifetime. Here, THE PROFESSOR presents Donut Philosophy in an ALL MY DONUTS film.

Our meeting was not planned, but we met at the Command Center (Dunkin' Donuts) and began to speak of higher thoughts. THE PROFESSOR leaves us with a life philosophy that has no beginning, middle or end. It goes round and round, just like a donut.

Sometimes you have to wonder what that boy did 25 years ago. But he sure knows how to leave you in a cloud of mystery and murkiness. And that's what you get for listening to THE PROFESSOR and Donut Philosophy - an ALL MY DONUTS film.

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