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Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Picture = No Friend, No Follow. GET A PICTURE!

No Picture = No Friend, No Follow.
With 800 million Facebook users around the world, millions of Twitter tweeters, 50 million Google+'ers and several million more links on LinkedIN, there is no shortage of people to find as friends or to follow. In the online world, I'm rather free-form. I let people do what they want. But I have one hard and fast rule: No Picture = No Friend, No Follow. GET A PICTURE!

There is nothing worse than leaving the default picture on your profile. After your name, the picture should be the second thing you do when filling out your profile. Honestly, whether you like Bare Naked Ladies or bare naked ladies, makes no difference to me. I don't care about your favorite movie or what book you read over the summer. If you like to skateboard in your underwear, you can keep that info to yourself. But I demand a name and a picture.

The online world is 2-D. You only have a name and a picture. Even if the picture is not of you, it still says something. When a person uses a picture of someone famous, like Robert DeNiro, I don't know what the message is there. Or when a guy uses a picture of a woman, that's a red flag. The other info, your name, well, you have what you have, unless you have a fake name.

Beyond name and picture, there are three things that people judge you on: What you say, what you share and what you produce.

The average online socialite usually only says things and shares things - usually things they borrowed or found. A small group of people produce something, like photography, graphic designs, writing, blog posts, videos, music. If people like what you say, share or produce, people will flock to you.

But having no picture is like surrounding yourself with barbed wire. No one wants to touch you. You're like one giant lingering fart on the Internet. You can clear a room by just showing up with your faceless face.

Profiles without faces are associated with spammers, porn peddlers, or hit and run artists. That's not a group you want to be in.

So tell your grandmother, your aunt or your best friend who still is faceless to put SOMETHING in the picture area. It can be a stop sign for all I care, but put something. Otherwise my rule kicks in: No picture = No Friend, No Follow. GET A PICTURE!

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1 comment:

  1. This is so true. I am wary of anyone who doesn't post a photo. Heck, I'll even accept a photo of a fish rather than none at all. It only takes a minute or so to upload, so really, there's no excuse for not having one. Thanks. You always know what you're talking about.


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