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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet Deeone Higgs - an ALL MY DONUTS story

Deeone Higgs = AWESOMENESS !!!!
What I love about the Internet is that it has given me the opportunity to meet a broad range of people. If you have a computer, you can be a friend, follower, stalker or a terror cell. And we can share family photos, stories of our lives, pictures of my security cameras or plans for exploding men's briefs. Through my array of social networks, a happy face popped up on my screen and hasn't gone away. I'd have to say that it's all been good. And it gets better every day. Meet Deeone Higgs - an ALL MY DONUTS story.

Technically, the ALL MY DONUTS stories are about the odd and interesting people I meet in Cleveland while I'm out seeking FREE WiFi (or as one guy said, FREE WeeFee). Deeone is different. He has transcended the geographical range of my original concept - an Internet soap opera with no plot.

Deeone brings a rich plot to the periphery of the donut. He has a story to tell. He is a gifted writer, which makes grasping his story even easier. I hate when someone has a story and then can't write a freakin' sentence or use paragraphs. Don't you just love 9,000 words of solid text?

Mr. Higgs is a full-time blogger. He's from Atlanta, GA. And he's about as connected as I am on the Internet. Every time I turned around, there was Deeone on Google+, then LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, Klout - who is this guy? But his signature word kept popping up along with his face - AWESOMENESS !!!!! And after getting to know my new shirt with the Higgs label on it, I began to agree - Deeone is AWESOMENESS!!!!

In fact, Deeone has so much AWESOMENESS, I've done something I almost never do, I added him to my blog roll at the bottom of this site. His blog is Releasing Me Today (a link will be provided below). It offers a very powerful message about releasing the anger in your life, releasing the bad people, releasing the things you feel you must hold on to, but they are the things that are holding you back. He smiles every day. I wanted to learn how to do that.

Deeone is not just a guy hopped up on happy pills from the south. He's a person who has suffered great tragedy in his life. Loss. Disappointment. Ridicule. Pain. So, when he writes, he writes from his personal experiences and his heart. He has a plot to his blog and it unfolds every day. I felt his voice was a great addition to the voices that are already there at the bottom of this blog.

The other sites I have on my blog roll are Maniacal Mom's Moments - my friend in Calgary who is a single mother trying to survive and keep her world together. She's blunt, frank and honest. And she cracks me up.

I have a doctor, Michael Kirsch M.D. who I met at Dunkin' Donuts. He writes MD Whistleblower - a site that exposes the murky side of medicine. His writings will tell you the truth of what is going on in the medical industry.

Lessons Of A Dad is by my first blog student. He's a father in the Philippines. He has a lot to offer and worth reading.

Now, I have Deeone on that list. He is black, so he has a perspective that none of my other blog roll friends can offer. He's also gay and living a life that is completely OUT. He's been in a monogamous relationship for four and half years. But it has not all been easy for him. And please don't think his site is "gay" site. It's really about living. About living well. About living free of burdens.

Blogging is about creating and crafting a voice and finding an audience for that voice. Sometimes, my voice sounds like I just took a soccer ball to the family jewels - or as they say today, "I got my junk skunked." I feel it is important to offer you options when you've had enough of my madness.

We live in a diverse world. All of us are doing the best we can. However, as bloggers we try to tell you, "You're not alone. We are struggling too, but here's what I've found that works. Here's what helped a friend of mine. Or don't let the burdens of the day bring you down, watch one of my insane movies for five minutes."

We can't all offer the same encouragement and inspiration because we come from so many different directions. But, I'm trying to offer some viewpoints on this site - a mom, a dad, a doctor and a man full of AWESOMENESS !!!!

I hope you take the time to click on the link to Deeone's site - Releasing Me Today - and really meet Deeone Higgs. He's an ALL MY DONUTS story and he's full of AWESOMENESS !!!!

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Visit their sites and hear their voices.

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  1. Beautiful post Roger!

    I couldn't agree more to what you have written about Deeone, rather than just adding that he is a true friend and full of awesomeness.

    Yes, we all do undergo our share of ups and downs in life, some have it more than others- but to talk openly about them and share it with the world so that you release your emotions and others can learn from what you underwent- that very people like Deeone can only do! I think when we come across such people in our lives we don't tend to think about their blackness or gayness and things like that- those are left far behind.

    Thanks for sharing a part of his awesomeness with everyone :)

  2. What a touching post. I too have met Deeone online and he ROCKS!

    His blog gives and takes perspective to a whole new level. I appreciate that what he shares, keeps me on my "mental toes", so-to-speak :)

    Very nicely said Roger.

  3. Roger, you've truly outdone yourself my friend. I would have to say Thank you a million times over to express my sincere gratitude for making a connection with one of the most awesome personalities on the internet.

    There are some connections that we make in life, that we sometimes have to think does the Creator must be showing us that He or She, has an incredible sense of humor placing the individual in our path.

    Then there are those connections that we wake up every morning thanking Him for bringing those individuals into our lives. You, my friend, I thank him for daily.

    I'm also glad that the word Awesomeness is spreading like a wild fire. :) It's one of those things like "Pay it Forward" that's definitely meant to spread, and you have shared in the responsibility in spreading it. Thank you for that awesomeness, my friend.

    You Freaking ROCK!!! ;)

  4. Thank you for your kind words as well, Harleena. You both have made me incredibly grateful to know the both of you. Harleena, your feedback has truly touched me, and I know that I'm a blessed man to have you as a wonderful friend.

    I've heard on several occasions that a man is only as good as those that he connects himself too. I must be doing something right to have been given the privilege of connecting with the both of you.

    You both should know that just like Iron sharpens Iron, the two of you have truly sharpen me with your kind post and comments this weekend. I will never forget it. Those are the types of encouragement that inspire us for greatness.

    May all the good that's available to you both, find you and overtake you.

    I truly wish you both nothing but the best, and Thank You So Very Much once again! :)

    Oh, and one more thing... PURE AWESOMENESS INDEED!!!! ;)

  5. Thank you so very much, Elise! The connection with you has been a pleasure equally for me as well, my friend. I'm truly moved by your kindness and your person. You ROCK, Chica! ;)


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