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Monday, October 17, 2011


It was just about perfect in Las Vegas, until...
When you dive into the entertainment business, there are certain milestones each entertainer has in their minds. It could be their first booking, their first PAID booking, working at a certain club or in a certain city. And when that opportunity comes along, you want everything to be perfect. My latest ALL MY DONUTS film tells a true story in TYPO in VEGAS.

I was a road warrior comic. I had worked all of the crappiest places on the planet and then started to work nicer and nicer venues. Through a bizarre series of events, I wound up in Las Vegas. How can you beat that? VEGAS, baby!!!!

Well, just about everything went well. But one big problem came up... enjoy TYPO in VEGAS... and the compilation at the end. Guaranteed laughs.

Yes, my big moment in the spotlight and I was a TYPO in VEGAS. Good fodder for another ALL MY DONUTS film.

Did the last Elvis need explaining? If so, leave a comment.

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