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Thursday, October 6, 2011

God Uploaded Steve Jobs Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) Genius.
Something happened in the last 24 hours that will forever change the computing and communications world. God uploaded Steve Jobs Wednesday, October 5, 2011. Arguably one of the most influential CEO's of our time or any time, Steve Jobs died in Palo Alto, California, leaving a legacy that will impact the lives of people worldwide for generations to come.

With his passing, you can find dozens of biographical articles about the man who twice ran Apple computer and revolutionized the way we computer, communicate, share, acquire music and gather information from the Internet. I'm not here to recount his amazing life accomplishments. I'm here to talk about genius.

Very few people can wear the title genius. A few have come along in the history of mankind. Steve Jobs embodied the term in the modern era.

Even though Apple computers never captured more than 5% of the computing market, the concepts, design and marketing inspired by Jobs had more impact on the rest of the industry than the work of any of his contemporaries.

Bill Gates may have brought computing to the masses, but the way Jobs directed Apple and the innovations that he introduced really were the carrot that led the computing world for decades.

Step away from computing, look at the ubiquitous iPhone and the revolutionary iPad. While Apple was rolling out the products of tomorrow today, the rest of the electronics world was scurrying to make a product like the iWhatever. Genius does that. It creates what we want before we know what we want. Jobs had no equals in that arena.

These paragraphs by Poornima Gupta and Peter Henderson from sum up Steve Jobs best,
"Most mere mortals cannot understand a person like Steve Jobs," said bestselling author and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, a former Apple employee, in a recent interview. He considers Jobs "the greatest CEO in the history of man", adding that he just had "a different operating system."

Charismatic, visionary, ruthless, perfectionist, dictator - these are some of the words that people have used to describe Jobs, who may have been the biggest dreamer the technology world has ever known, but also was a hard-edged businessman and negotiator through and through.

"Steve was the best of the best. Like Mozart and Picasso, he may never be equaled," said Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist and co-founder of Netscape Communications.

During my lifetime, I doubt if I'll ever see a more influential person in any industry. Steve Jobs was truly a one-of-a-kind individual who set lofty standards and found a way to get his teams to materialize his visions. Genius. It can't be said enough.

I started computing in 1985 on PC's and was a hard core PC guy until 1996 when I became an Apple convert. I've never considered looking back. As I sit here on my 14th Apple computer, a MacBook Pro, writing, creating videos, accomplishing things with ease that Microsoft has figured out a way to complicate.

Recent version of Apple Logo
Genius was not limited to products, marketing was something Jobs excelled at in all phases of his product lines. Have you ever been to an Apple Store? They are like no other place in the computing world. You feel like you've gone to another galaxy of technology from the moment you walk into the store. With all that Las Vegas had to offer when I lived there, the Apple Store at the Fashion Show Mall was one of my favorite places to go. I could touch and experience the cutting edge of technology and communications - and someone who knew what they were talking about was there to help me. Genius.

Ironically, the service area in the Apple Stores is called the Genius Bar. To some, that may have seemed pretentious. But to Apple users, they understood.

I've never researched the Apple logo, an apple with a bite out of it - recalling the story of Adam and Eve. That bite represents a taste from the Tree of Knowledge Of Good and Evil. That bite also sent mankind in a new direction. Steve Jobs sent us all in a new direction, and only gods and geniuses can do that. He will be missed. But I feel so fortunate to have lived in his time. It's not every day you get to have the product of a true genius at your fingertips every day.

Heaven will be a different place after God uploaded Steve Jobs Wednesday, October 5, 2011. He's gone to the cloud.

Thank you Steve. Thank you.

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