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Monday, October 31, 2011

GHETTO Toilet Paper - an ALL MY DONUTS film

Don't get caught without alternatives when the paper runs out.
Basic needs can become an issue in the Ghetto. What most people take for granted, those of us in the hood have to really think about and plan ahead. But we're not real good at planning ahead, that's why we live in the Ghetto. Here's one of those things that we have to deal with: GHETTO Toilet Paper - an ALL MY DONUTS film.

You don't always have toilet paper. You can be buyin' the 90 pack at Costco, because we ain't got no Costco membership. We buy our TP at the Dollar Store. And there are times, if we could, we'd buy just one roll at a time. So, you have to have alternatives. This video covers all the ways we deal with the shit in our lives. It's funny as hell. No crap! LOL.

Everything comes out OK in the end. Ha ha. Just don't hit the wrong button.

So, if you need to pinch and you're in a pinch, use GHETTO Toilet Paper - an ALL MY DONUTS film as a guide to get you through. It ain't all bad in the ghetto. It's all how you look at it - and laugh about it.

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