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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - One-Click Friend, LIKE, Connect, Follow

Click picture to connect with me.
When you're running around the social media track, hopping from site to site, filling out profiles, updating statuses, sharing, stealing, deleting, blocking - whatever you do - you hope that people will click on that magic button that connects you with them. Now, one site can allow someone interested in seeing more of you on the net a chance to connect quickly and easily. offers one-click friend, LIKE, connect and follow.

Four major connecting points are accessible on one screen. is so simple. You connect your Facebook account, your Facebook Fan Page, your Twitter account and your LinkedIN account. If someone clicks on your link, with one click, they are connected to you four ways.

Actually, it's a few more clicks than just one. You have to allow the app access to the accounts and LIKE the FB Fan Page separately, but it sure makes it easy to hook someone up with those four social media sites/page all in one place.

When a person clicks on your link, here is what they see:

Click above to connect with me.

The buttons are already checked. Remove any accounts where you do not have an account and click the orange button. LIKE the FB Page, first.

Try it out. Click on the orange button above, it will take you to my page. Connect and then set up your own account. All you need to do is enter an email address, confirm by clicking the link sent to that email, hook up your accounts and you're ready to go. offers basically one-click friend, LIKE, connect or follow. It's too easy.

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