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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Empire Avenue. The Social Stock Market. A Fun Way To Connect.

On my profile page, all of my social accounts are listed and linked.
Recently, I took a long look at the social sites I'm going to spend time on and which ones are best for me. Everyone has different goals online, so you have to review each site and determine if it is a platform that advances your goals. After my review, I thought I had the group of sites that would best serve me, then a friend introduced me to Empire Avenue, The Social Stock Market - a fun way to connect.

The typical social site offers you an opportunity to share content, pictures, updates, and gradually make friends or connections. A drawback to a lot of social sites is that if you have other connections on the Internet, they are pretty much invisible on most social sites. If you're on LinkedIN, people would not necessarily know that you have a Twitter account or a Flickr account. Same goes for Twitter, Facebook, Blogged and a number of the other more popular sites. Empire Avenue breaks the mold and puts all of your connections front and center, where everyone can see them.

Empire Avenue has a hook, you are a commodity on their stock market, and you have a share price. The more you do with your social networks and the more people interact with the sites where you have a profile, the higher your price goes or the more money goes into your account. Laws of supply and demand also factor in to your stock price. If a lot of people are buying your shares, your price goes up.

A beginner creates a stock ticker symbol for themselves and starts with a share price of around 8 or 9 eaves - their term for dollars. You are allowed to purchase up to 200 shares of anyone else in the system or buy shares in a friend who is not yet connected and invite them to join. It's FREE to be part of Empire Avenue, and I have yet to find a premium - surprise - in the fine print.

What immediately caught my attention was when people go to buy your shares, if you have a Facebook Fan Page, it is right there in the order confirmation box and people can easily LIKE your page. Before I started on Empire Avenue, I had less than 100 people who had LIKE'd my page. That number almost doubled in a week.

I'm picking up new Facebook friends, Twitter followers and strengthening connections I've made on LinkedIN. And I'm not spending a lot of time on Empire Avenue. Most days, I don't spend much more than 15 minutes on the site. I buy shares in people who have bought me, dump a few losers, check my messages and that's it.

Another plus with Empire Avenue, the majority of the people are Internet savvy, own a business or have a high level corporate position. Next to no riffraff. You meet quality, influential people and have a little fun. My stock price went up to 71 in 8 days. I'm active on the Internet, plus when people see all of the connections I have, they know I'm a good buy and will bring them a nice return.

As you progress in the game, your ability to buy more shares increases and the amount of shares people can buy of you increases. Plus, you get little awards for various accomplishments - Posting 50 comments on Facebook, having 100 views on your Flickr account, sending out 100 tweets on Twitter and so on.

Empire Avenue combines beneficial networking and a game that is not a burden like Mafia Wars or Farmville - which both try to drive you mad until you finally fork over cash to get that turbo charged cow or whatever you need to advance to the next level.

I'd highly recommend to anyone who has a presence on the Internet and wants to expand that presence to sign up for Empire Avenue, The Social Stock Market - a fun way to connect.

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