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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dancing With The Stars A Plus For Plus Size Women

Derek Hough & Ricki Lake tear up the DWTS dance floor.
Dancing With The Stars brings us more than great dancing and great personal stories. It provides inspiration, especially to plus size women. This year, Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace are not your typical Hollywood size 2 or 0. However, they are agile, confident and most of all comfortable with their bodies. Dancing With The Stars is a plus for plus size women.

Last season on Dancing With The Stars, Kirstie Alley showed that having curves was not going to deter her in the competition. Her goal was to use the strenuous dance regimen of the show to lose weight, and she did sport slimmer lines by the time she was eliminated, a few dances shy of the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Throughout the season, Alley made fun of her weight, but she never portrayed the extra pounds as a personal problem that inhibited her. She was funny, confident and amazingly nimble on the dance floor.

This season Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace are showing that plus size women can be comfortable with themselves and still accomplish great things. A full figure does not have to weigh down anyone's ambition and that is the most positive message that both of these contestants bring to the show.

Kirstie Alley at her top and sporting her new look. "I got tired of fat sex."
You can be whatever you want to be, regardless of your shape. However, if you want to change your shape, it is within your capabilities. Kirstie Alley dropped a tremendous amount of weight since her appearance on DWTS. She said, "I got tired of fat sex." But the reality is that she still is a funny, talented, confident woman, no matter what size she is.

Too many women let their body image hold them back. All they have to do is tune in to Dancing With The Stars to see what can be accomplished with hard work and the right attitude.

Obesity is the last bastion of social prejudice in our society. But it does not have to hold anyone back. It is all how you think. Attitude and drive can overcome anything in life. Accepting who you are at this moment in time is the greatest lesson. If you want to change things, you have the ability to do that, too.

Tune in to Dancing With The Stars and watch as the non-Hollywood bodies give the rest of the competition something to shoot for. Ricki Lake has been at the top of the leader board for the last two weeks. Showing that Dancing With The Stars is a plus for plus size women. If you got curves, girl, be proud and shake 'em.

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