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Thursday, September 1, 2011

WTF Is It With All The MF'n Cussing In GD Public Places A-Hole?

WTF is it with all the F'n cussing these days?
Since I don't have Internet access where I live, I have to use FREE WiFi all over town. I spend a lot of time at Dunkin' Donuts and various Denny's. I'm in awe of the language I hear - not overhear - hear being yelled or spoken at 150 decibels. Alcohol has a lot to do with it, especially at Denny's. But even people that don't seem like they've gone over the legal limit have mouths that would require a lot of soap. That's why I ask, "WTF is is with all the MF'n cussing in GD public places A-hole?"

I am no stranger to salty language. I use it myself; but when I'm chatting with a friend on the phone or driving somewhere. I'm very aware of my surroundings and try to show some restraint with what I say when other people are around. I learned that discipline when I was a radio announcer in the late 1970's. One cuss word goes out over the air and you would be swearing the whole way home with your final paycheck. Today, however, no one seems to know where they are and who is around.

Tonight at Denny's was a typical late night. A few loud vulgar mouths overpowered the music playing in the background. People in the parking lot could hear these women swearing up a storm, yelling for shots (they don't serve alcohol at Denny's) and asking for F'n napkins and a F'n refill and a F'n fork. These c**ksuckers went on and on and on. And this isn't the first MF'in' time I've been through this.

Frankly, I'm shocked at the mouths on the F'n women. I'm used to F'd up guys getting out of control and running their MF'n mouths. But when did women stop being F'n ladies with some F'n class?

On top of that, about twelve feet from me was a father with his three boys. They looked like they were 4, 5 and 13. That brings up another question, "What was this guy doing with his kids at Denny's at 1:30 in the morning?" Don't they have school to go to? (That's another post I just wrote about. The link is below.) But I'm pretty sure if these little F'n boys didn't know any of those F'n words before they came to Denny's after midnight, they sure had a collection to discuss with their F'n dad later.

But WTF is it with all the F'n cussing? Is this just the F'n norm? It seems to F'n be. I see it in F'n stores in the middle of the F'n day. I'm assuming you're not tanked out of your F'n mind at F'n Wal-F'n-Mart or GD Target. That kind of s**t is unnecessary.

I was watching America's Got Talent and Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida did a song where both of them had lyrics bleeped out. In fact, the last five times I've seen rap performances on TV there was something bleeped out every time. Kids buy these CD's and have them cranking on their iPods with their headphones on. To these MF'n kids, that's the way you F'n talk.

WTF are we teaching our kids? I've heard F'n grade school kids MF'n my friend. Clerks and cashiers at stores and F'n restaurants swear freely. Restaurant staff members swear in the F'n kitchen so loud they have to be F'n deaf to think that us MF'ers out in the booths can't hear their F'n s**t roaring out of the back. I mean WTF?

I remember being about six years old and I asked my mother, "Mom, what does f**k mean?"

"Where did you hear that?"

"From Timmy."

"You're not playing with Timmy anymore."

I did play with Timmy some more. But I learned that those four letters were not going to get me any extra sausage links on Sunday at breakfast before church.

And the laughable part is that liberals in our society want to rewrite Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn because the N-word is in there 187 times. That book was historically accurate for the times. The brothers sitting in the booth next to me last week used the N-word about 487 times in a 90-minute period - and I don't think either of them read F**kleberry Finn. They were so F'n loud, I didn't have to crane my neck to catch a single syllable. I felt like I should just start calling all of my Facebook friends the N-word, just so I wouldn't feel left out of the conversation.

I've written about this before. And I always come to the same conclusion - parents need to be better examples. People who used to be role models ought to take a good look at the character of their hearts and their place in society. Someone has to say, NO! And stem the tide. Turn the ship. Demand more. Be better. Be more.

Am I beating a dead MF'n horse here? Or as some smart ass drunk might say, "I think he's F'n the horse." It never ends.

I've done enough MF'n bitching and F'n complaining. I should just pack my s**t and get the F out of here. I'll never understand. WTF is it with all the MF'n cussing in GD public places A-hole?

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  1. I'm with you 100%

    See My posts -"Speak English" and "The Politically Correct 'Brian's Song'"

    The Cranky Old Man


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