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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Will The Tea Party Bring Enough To Share?

Will the Tea Party dance in the middle?
You can hear the engines of the campaign machines revving at the starting line. Election 2012 is the finish line. Both parties are honing their talking points. Mr. Obama looks like a flashback to 2008 as he continues to play president. This election, though, there will be a lot of noise from the far right. These folks even describe themselves as their own party. The big question is, "Will the Tea Party bring enough to share?"

As an independent and one who doesn't much care for either side, I watch how the media (which leans left) portrays the various rhetoric being crunched down into media friendly sound bites. Right now, the Tea Party is being painted as the glue that is gumming up the works, which taints the entire right. Republicans are bad enough, according to the media, but now they have a festering boil on them called the Tea Party.

Those vocal TP folks say they represent the real America. Our population has historically been a center-right bunch. We like moderation, but don't want to get too carried away and lean a little toward the conservative side. The Tea Party is dancing a long way from the middle. Will they shape their message to be more inclusive the closer we get to November 2012? That will make all the difference in the world if they expect to get anywhere.

Although, both sides have their problems. Obama won in 2008 by running against George Bush. McCain and Palin were just whipping posts for the evils of eight years of George and Dick and the rest of those warmongers.

Our debt ceiling almost crashed because our president did not know how to lead. Even though the Republicans were painted as the bad guys, the Democrats actually stopped the circulation in their hands from sitting on them. Whining is not politics.

What's really funny are the liberal elites. I saw a well-known New York liberal on Jimmy Fallon a couple weeks ago. She was slamming the Tea Party by saying, "They don't want elites, which means they don't want educated people in public office. They don't want people to play politics. Well, what do you think they do in Washington?" Ironically, all I've heard from our president is, "Now is not the time to play politics." In psychology, this is called projecting. Whatever your weakness is, you project it onto the other person or group.

One thing is for sure, Washington is a mess. We'll see how well Baracky does with his stimulus, which is a word he is purposely avoiding and the right is purposely using. I love this game. It's so silly.

History says, infrastructure spending will not improve the economy. It's wonderful that $430 Billion or so will go toward repairing broken bridges, but those are not sustainable industries. Once the projects are done, then what? It doesn't matter, this is the direction our leader has chosen and he's trying to draw a hard line in the sand to get some payback for the beating he took over the debt ceiling debate.

What's interesting is during the debt debate, the Republicans were painted as being unyielding. Now, Eric Cantor (R-VA) said Friday, "I understand what the president is trying to do (with his stimulus proposal), but there should be some room for compromise. I don't think holding a hard line is good."

And the ball goes into the other court.

In the mid-term election, the Tea Party showed some muscle and bounced Democrats down the Capitol steps. Is the TP gang really representing America or are they the funnel for American frustration and anger with its political system? Will Americans be able to share in the party? (If so, I want scones.) We saw the anger harnessed by the TP gang at the mid-term. How will that translate to a national election? Can these patriots dance a little closer to the center to capture more people? That is the big challenge they will face; otherwise, their incumbents be tumbling down the Capitol steps themselves come 2012.

If they get the scones for me, soften their rhetoric to be less vitriolic and dance a little closer to the center of the dance floor, the big question will be, "Will the Team Party bring enough to share?" The voters will decide.

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