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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Do You Use A Famous Person For Your Profile Picture?

What do you think of my new profile picture?
When you sign up for any social media site, one of the first things they ask you to do is fill out your profile. You can get carried away and fill out all of the boxes and answer all of the questions or you can stick with the basics: Name, location, website URL and picture. About 98% of the people on the Internet use their own picture or some picture that they like - could be a cat or favorite tree. Then, there are those people who choose to use a picture I don't understand. I'd like to ask them, "Why do you use a famous person for your profile picture?"

I understand the cat shots and the dogs and the group photos - although, if you don't know the person, "Who the hell are they?" in the shot. But there are people who have pictures of all kinds of famous people as their profile picture and I can't figure that out.

A good friend of mine, a really, really bright guy uses Tom Petty as his profile picture. Why? I just picked up a new friend on FACEBOOK and he has Charlie Sheen as his profile picture. Is he WINNING? Or is this a Duh?

What puzzles me even more is when a person uses a picture of someone of the opposite sex. I've seen this more with guys than with women. They'll have some famous actress or a hot model as their profile picture. Again, why? Are they suffering from gender confusion? Maybe they need a cat so they can use that as a profile picture.

So, not to be left out, I'm thinking of changing my profile picture to Jennifer Lopez - but she'll have a Slovenian last name, which ought to cause all kinds of confusion in the Latino world. "He must be from Whatemala."

Let me know if I should change to JayLo.

I'm still wondering about those hiding behind the face of someone else. "Why do you use a famous person for your profile picture?" Endorsement deals?

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