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Thursday, September 8, 2011

When Female Friends Dump You It Can Be Sudden And Confusing

I never saw the eyes, but I felt the results.
No one likes getting dumped by a friend. But what is worse is when you have no idea why. Recently, a friend I made online gave me the boot. I've learned that when female friends dump you it can be sudden and confusing.

I met this woman about three or four months ago on Twitter, then we connected on Facebook. Our relationship was strictly platonic, but we shared common business interests.

Several times a week we would run into each other on Twitter, chat, exchange links and laugh. We even talked about doing some work together in the future.

During June and July, I had severe computer problems. My computer would work some days and then decide to not work. It died. We revived it. It died again. Another revival. Then, permanent death. By the beginning of August, I had a new refurbished computer and was back in business.

During my time of being up and down with my computer, I was not keeping in contact with everyone the way I normally did. A couple weeks ago, I tried to send my friend a tweet and her Twitter screen name no longer came up on my auto-fill list. Then I checked Facebook and I was no longer one of her friends. I put in a friend request and it was accepted. I sent her a note asking what was up. No reply.

The other day, I wanted to tweet her something and I went to her Twitter account and I was blocked from following her. I sent her a longer note on Facebook, asking what it was that I did, and if she wanted me to go away, I would. I just wanted to know what changed our relationship.

When I checked today to see if she replied to my message, she had blocked me on Facebook. Still no idea why. And that is the way it will end, I guess.

This isn't the first time a woman has had a sudden change of heart about my relationship with her. It happened with a couple wives and some other friends. The end came abruptly and I had no idea what was the real problem. Silence doesn't explain much and leaves you guessing.

When guys ditch you, you have a pretty good idea what pissed them off or what changed in their life to let you go. But women... more mysteries than Sherlock Holmes novels.

I guess that's why I prefer to live my life through this blog, writing, trying to entertain and educate. My relationships are limited to a few chats online, a tweet or two and comments on Facebook. Not much involvement. But that's the way the world wants to play.

I'm very open and honest. You ask and I will tell you. Talking to trees is insanity and trying to talk to women who have already decided to build a wall is just as nutty. That's why when female friends dump you it can be sudden and confusing. Wish it didn't have to be that way.

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  1. Great post - and interesting. I recently did a post on "silence" in communication (odd to call silence communication). I certainly can relate to what you are saying, it must have been perplexing and frankly hurtful to be blocked without explanation. It certainly would have been better if she had given you an explanation. Eventually you have to just let it go, once you've tried to reach out and you see that she has virtually closed the door to any type of communication. I'll send you my post on silence, I would love any comments. Good luck to you, and great blog!

  2. Love to read your post. I've read and experienced "silence" first hand. Having someone berate you can be easier than getting the silent treatment.

    A priest once told me that Hell is a place without God's love - or silence from God.



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