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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Selecting A New Profile Picture - an ALL MY DONUTS film

I think this one won't work.
A friend of mine from Facebook met me the other day and said, "You don't look anything like your picture." Well, it's an older picture, but it has served me well for years. If it ain't broke, don't screw it up. So, I decided I'd try out a new picture. It's strange. You can see it in the right sidebar. But I'm not sold. I need help selecting a new profile picture - another ALL MY DONUTS film.

There are a lot of choices on the video, some are... well just plain stupid. But I undid something and now I need help making a decision. Who knows, in a week or so, I might be back to my old picture.

But you can help. Watch the video, review the choices and vote. I'll greatly appreciate it.

Now, make sure to vote in the comment box below. This will be a big help.
I hate selecting a new profile picture. But I either pick something new or stay with the old.

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  1. I like number three. I think you look happy in this picture :)


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