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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sam Has A Jerry Springer Moment | an ALL MY DONUTS film

Sam about to have a Jerry Springer moment.
Everyone has a story. Some are wonderful. Some are sad. Some are just plain weird. In this edition of All My Donuts (002), Sam, a busboy at Denny's shares a Jerry Springer Moment. (Originally posted 7/21/11)

Sam works the all-night shift and he was actually the first person I met at this Denny's. I was driving around trying to find people with Internet access on their phone so I could do a tweet about my main blog. We chatted a minute that night. I was just getting ready to start composing my tweet when his ride showed up.

A few weeks later, I was back at Denny's and there was Sam.

He was good enough to share his Jerry Springer moment with me and helped with the editing of the movie. It's less than two minutes, but it came out great.

I hope you enjoyed Sam's Jerry Springer moment. There will be more real life coming on All My Donuts.

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