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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ronald McDonald Is Not The Only Clown Working At McDonald's

Now hiring. Morons need not apply.
You can't have high expectations for fast food employees. They tend to be young and they're not being paid very well. The work is hard and tedious and they deal with a decent amount of stupidity on the other side of the counter - people who can't pick a number or have to special order every item on the menu. However, you do expect certain basic skills and behaviors from the people with the hats and the colorful logos on their shirts. Recently, I realized that Ronald McDonald is not the only clown working at McDonald's. 

When I lived in Las Vegas, all of the McDonald's and most of the other fast food restaurants were run by Mexicans - except Taco Bell. Their staff's were efficient, helpful, courteous and the restaurants were clean. When I moved to a predominantly black neighborhood in Cleveland, things were a lot different at the Golden Arches and any other venue that offered fast food fare.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the local fast food restaurants staffed by black employees rate a 4 or lower. If there was a negative score, some would even earn that.

I've seen things I've never seen before at any restaurant - employees yelling and swearing at each other - at the counter. Items are frequently not available. Everyone has a bad, nasty attitude. You never see any "I'm Lovin' It" smiles on anyone. You have to ask two or three people for a pack of salt or pepper - they're not out where you can get some; probably because the customers steal handfuls of them and have the nerve to ask for a bag so they can clean out the entire supply of sugar, Sweet'N Low, salt, and pepper.

One McDonald's doesn't have any trays. There could be a few reasons for this. Ohio charges tax if you eat in the restaurant. If the order is To Go, you don't get charged the tax. So, all meals at the one McDonald's are served in bags - To Go - No Tax. That may be to appease the locals or so the management doesn't have to bother with accounting for tax. Another reason could be that the clientele use the trays as weapons and beat each other with them, or they steal the trays and put legs on them at home. You have to think weird thoughts about circumstances like this because you see a lot of weirder things happening all the time.

Besides all the unsportsmanlike conduct going on behind the counter, I stepped into a huge puddle of irony the other day at McDonald's.

One of the employees was standing about seven feet away from the counter where people were lined up to place their orders. She was on her cell phone speaking at a volume that could be heard across the room. I'll paraphrase the conversation she was having:
I can't believe this manager is giving me all this shit. She be way outta line. She had no goddamn business tearing into me in front of customers. She made me look like a fool. Now, the bitch be talking about cutting my hours and I may even lose my job. This is such shit. I still can't believe she be that rude to be all up in my face in front of customers, embarrassing me like dat. Who da fuck does she think she is. Just cuz she's a manager don't mean she can get all uppity with me. I can't take her shit no mo. I'm fuckin' calling corporate. She had no right to get in my face with customers. I'm tellin' you it was just plain fuckin' wrong.
How big of a puddle of irony was that? I don't know what this young lady's infraction was, but if I was the manager and I heard her having a conversation like that where everyone in line could hear it, she would have been fired on the spot.

How stupid can you get? I guess I'll find out the next time I go to a McDonald's in my neighborhood. They never cease to amaze me. I've learned that Ronald McDonald is not the only clown working at McDonald's.

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  1. Another bullseye Roger!!!! Dead on right...I cant add anything that you havent touched on.


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