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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Read This Before You Subscribe To My Blog

You've been warned.
Most bloggers would never write a post like this. But I feel it is necessary to explain a bit about who I am and how I operate. Read this before you subscribe to my blog.

I began writing for therapy. I have ADD and I'm Bipolar. My psychiatrist and my psychiatric therapist can't seem to figure out if I go in manic modes from the Bipolar or I am operating in a state of hyper-focus, which is part of having ADD.

What that means to you is... I'm a prolific writer. I can produce as much as Mashable in a day, and I'm one guy - not a team of writers.

I don't sleep like normal people. I tend to be awake for very long periods - 25 to 40 hours and then pass out in a chair somewhere for about 12 hours.

My writing also covers a broad range. Being a former stand-up comic, a lot of what I write or produce for YouTube is funny. But I also deal with serious issues, political commentary, religious debates, hot news items and some very popular TV shows. There are other topics, but I didn't want to overload you at this point.

What I'm telling you is, if you want to subscribe to this blog because you read something about Autism or politics or something funny, you won't get a steady diet of any of those. I lived in Las Vegas for 14 years and I'm a blogging buffet. If diversity is to your liking, we'll get along just fine.

UPDATED September 23, 2011 - A big problem I was creating for subscribers was that I would writ in massive spurts and then jam your mailbox with new posts. That problem has been resolved. Unless the post is timely, like a show recap or an urgent news item, posts will be scheduled to publish twice a day. Around 9 am ET and at 7 pm ET. If something urgent comes up, you'll get another post or two. Otherwise, expect something twice a day. Videos will be released weekly, instead of on a random basis.

These changes should prevent blowing up subscribers with post slams. LOL.

I love visitors. I don't care if you get me via email. Or if you're on FACEBOOK, check out my fan page - all of my posts wind up there. It's a really easy way to see what I've been doing. You can scroll down the page, pick out the posts you like and have a happy read.

I'm a big believer in honesty. I like people to understand what they are getting into. Rather than getting pissed at me for jamming your email server after a hyper-focused, manic day or two, you'll be able to enjoy this site at your leisure.

If you're one that likes the funny with the tough stuff, then you have subscriber written all over your forehead. Think of me more like a magazine than a blog about one thing. I'm too diverse. And I have too many opinions. And, like I told my sister, "I have to write. I have too many words in my head. I have to get them out!"

Thank you for reading this before you subscribe to my blog. I just want peace - and to get these damn words out of my head. Oooops... Time for medications... cya.

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