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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Posting Quotes, A Lame Method That Gets Followers And Friends

One of my favorite quotes. I've got more.
When I first got on Twitter several years ago, I was bombarded with tweets with links to programs that would guarantee me thousands of followers within days. Those blatant solicitations have subsided and you have to rely on either your fame or posting tweets or status updates (Facebook) with good content to get followers and friends. There is, however, a way that many people use and it works - posting quotes, a lame method that gets followers and friends

I'm always watching people on Facebook and Twitter who have huge followings. I study them to see what they do that others are not doing.

As I mentioned above, there are the famous, and they can have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter or even millions. They've maxed out their friends list on Facebook and have fan pages with thousands and thousands of people who clicked LIKE. It's simple, we see them on TV, in magazines, in commercials, in movies or in concert. You have to follow them, they're famous. 

Then, there are the people who produce great content, like news outlets, powerhouse blogs or websites. What they put out is so useful or compelling, you have to follow them, too.

On the lower end of the social media totem pole are the rest of us. We converse with people, we offer content, we retweet or share things we like. Something we send out connects with a person and they make that instantaneous decision to follow you or put in a friend request. (There are other ways that people come to you, but they aren't the main ways.)

There is a group of people who assuage producing content or sharing content from others - they copy and paste quotes in their feeds all day long. And oddly, they have thousands and thousands of followers.

Being a quote hustler takes no special skill. They're not your ideas you are putting out. All you need is a good quote book or even better a good quote website, so you don't even have to type anything - just copy and paste.

To me, this is a really lame way to put out content. But, it freakin' works.

When you spew quotes all day long, you create the illusion that you're intelligent or you possess wisdom. The quotes don't even have to be good. They can be flaccid platitudes of mindless prattle. "Life is good. Enjoy it." WOW - Now that's wisdom. But that is worth 10 more followers. If they get really deep, "Life is short. Make the most of it." That could be worth 15 followers. Quote Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, JFK, Elenore Roosevelt, Erma Bombeck or Shecky Green and you could pull in triple-digit followers.

As you can see by my picture example above, I'm not real good with quotes. I have a lot more of a similar nature. Posting those might get my Twitter account terminated and have me banned from Facebook.

I guess I'll just plug along sharing my blog posts and making my silly comments and watch the people posting quotes, a lame method that gets followers and friends.

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