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Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Computer Didn't Arrive Soon Enough To Avoid 13.7% Page View Drop In August 2011

Page Views dropped in August, but I'm going to hit Sept. hard.
Any business has its ups and downs. Blogging is the same thing. Various things can stall your progress. You could have a severe case of writer's block and not be able to produce content. Your content quality may change for the better or worse. You may have technical difficulties. For the majority of June, July and part of August, I suffered the fatal problem of not having a computer. I finally got a new refurbished laptop, which is fabulous. However, my new computer didn't arrive soon enough to avoid a 13.7% page view drop for the month of August 2011.

Getting the new computer was great, but it took a while to set it up the way I had everything set up on the old computer. There were programs to download, settings to adjust, software that didn't work, new software to learn - basically, a lot of distractions.

Over the last two weeks I've been getting back into my rhythm and things are starting to fall into place.

In July, I had 20,226 page views. August fell by 13.7% to 17,449. It was my third best month. I'm still a long way off from my all-time high of 37,384, which was recorded in May, my third month working on this blog.

I spent a lot of time playing catch up. I cover America's Got Talent, and I had missed several weeks. As a service to my followers, I had to go back and watch the shows on the NBC site and write the reviews from there. It was a lot of time, but I have a complete catalog of this past season, except for one show - which will be done this week.

I'm just glad to getting back to writing comedy, commenting on society, dealing with health issues and creating content that drove traffic in the beginning, before I wound up a blogger up the creek without a touchpad.

During the chaos, other distractions - which were good distractions - surfaced. I got going with my YouTube Channel and produced four videos in the last five or six weeks. I have some bank shuffling to do before I can monetize my YouTube Channel and the videos.

Now that I'm back working round the clock, I plan to get started on my first eBook. I'm going to take the "How To Start A Blog" course I wrote and greatly expand it. It's going to be a great value at a really affordable price - a real steal, considering the content I plan to put into it.

I'm also going to start working on constructing blogging classes, which I want to do via video chat.

And I'm investigating a couple places where I can write comedy and humor for cash.

The phrase I've used the most in the past month to describe my business plan is multiple revenue streams. Right now, I'm learning that I won't be eating steak from my AdSense revenues until I get traffic up about 10 times what it is now.

I have some people interested in my content - that could produce some income. The eBook should generate some cash. The classes. I have some other ideas that will be revenue generators, but it all takes time and you can only do one or two projects well.

The fall TV season should produce a couple shows for me to cover and get some action on.

The one thing I proved this past month - sex sells.

My most popular post has been the Karina Smirnoff pictures. I'm tops in all the search engines and the traffic comes in every day. I just did another about having too many beautiful women on Facebook as friends. That is getting almost as much attention. Babes. They're like the 2-liter bottles of Coke for 99¢. They get people in the door. I just have to have enough other stuff to keep their interest.

I've produced several pieces in the last month that are going to produce long-term search engine traffic. That's been my strategy, try to get good placement on a variety of topics. They're like building blocks. Over time you have something pretty impressive, once you get all the blocks in place.

The dip in traffic has crushed my Alexa Traffic Ranking. I went from being in the 10 million range to being ranked about 49,000 in the U.S. in just four months. But, last I checked, I've dropped all the way to the 400,000 level. Oh well. The computer dying was unavoidable and it took a while to come up with a solution.

Another thing that really pissed me off. I had a Google PageRank of 0 and I was getting all this traffic. Then it jumps up to 2. Now, it slipped to 1. I'll have to work on getting that back.

Subscribers have jumped up and I've added several hundred Twitter followers and about 150 Facebook Friends in the last month. Not bad. Could be better. It's a process.

No excuses going into September. It's all systems go. But for August, the new computer didn't arrive soon enough to avoid a 13.7% page view drop. I'll get it back - and more.

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