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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Increase Your Site Page Views With Plugalink

Increase page views. But are you getting real visitors?
As a blogger, I'm always looking for new ways to increase traffic to my site. I share posts on Facebook, pump them out on Twitter, share posts to Google Buzz, StumbleUpon, LinkedIN, Google and Yahoo Bookmarks and am starting to work on backlinks from article sites. A few months ago, I spotted that I was getting traffic from a site I had never heard about before. I checked it out and gave it a try. After my test run, I can tell you that you will increase your site page views with Plugalink.

Originally the site was called Two months ago, it became

It's a simple concept. You plug in the URL of a site you like and it will go into a rotation of home pages. If you want to promote your own site, all you need to do is put a link to Plugalink on your site. That gives you a user ID and you're ready to promote your site.

When you get to the Plugalink home page, you are asked to plug in a URL - if you have the ID, you plug in your own. Then, home pages rotate. The more time you spend watching other home pages, the more your site is promoted.

You can even be a subscriber and your home page will show up much more frequently in the rotation - about every fifth or sixth page.

Plugalink is an easy way to scan websites and blogs. The downside is that you have no control over what content you will see as the pages rotate. You might sit through half a dozen home pages that are in Spanish or Japanese or Russian. But your real reason for being there is to get your site promoted.

I can guarantee you that you will get a nice bump in page views. However, are these people actually reading your site or are you just picking up a page view because you're in the rotation? Viewers can stop the rotation to spend more time on a site that interests them.

A big problem, though, is that you have no idea what the URL is of any of the sites you are viewing because sites are viewed through the Plugalink viewer and their URL will appear in your web browser. Unless your site has your URL in your site name or your URL is emblazoned on your home page, above the fold, you will never generate any return traffic from these viewers.

I don't have that problem because this site is named - - pretty straight forward and an obvious clue as to where to find me on the www highway.

If you make sure your site URL is clearly on your home page, above the fold, then this might generate repeat visitors; if not, you'll be an interesting read or just another site rotating by.

This is a bit of a dirty way to use Plugalink, but I know their game, and I can play my own. I will plug my URL into Plugalink when I have other things to do, like phone calls or working on my YouTube Channel or a movie I am editing. I just let the sites rotate and rotate. The more sites you "view", the more your site shows up in the rotation. I've let Plugalink run for half an hour and never looked at any of the sites. I'm sure there are other Plugalink users doing the same thing.

Your site in the Plugalink viewer is completely functional, so viewers can click on links to other content on your site. It's best if you have them above the fold. Although, someone can scroll up and down your home page.

You will increase your site page views with Plugalink, but are you really getting readers? It's worth a try.

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