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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gay Is The New Black In Hollywood

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family.
Prior to 1998, there were very few, if any, openly gay characters on television. Since Will & Grace became a rating smash, times have changed. More and more openly gay characters are appearing on shows, getting their own shows and becoming sensational stars. However, there seems to be a bit of a fallout from all of this sexual diversity since gay became the new black in Hollywood.

Yes, gay is the new black in Hollywood. As gay characters have moved into the neighborhoods of our favorite sitcoms and reality shows, more and more black actors and actresses have moved out. Most black actors find themselves in dramatic shows, like the crime/hospital/legal dramas that fill up the 10 o'clock hour during the week.

When it comes to comedic entertainment, it's a white/gay/Latino world. And ratings show that America has no problem with that.

Gay men steal the show. Hollywood has yet to produce a really funny lesbian - not counting Ellen Degeneres, who is absolutely hysterical. But she's on a top talk show during the day.

There are some new prime time shows with black leads slated for the upcoming winter season or as possible mid-season replacements. But black faces are less visible in prime time.

Even daytime TV is more out. Nate Berkus, most of the participants of The Chew, and other openly gay hosts and performers are showing up as we flip through the channels.

Gay performers have always been around, they've just never been so openly out. And I think it's great. Gay men are hilarious.

Even conservative Dancing With The Stars took a bit of a risk by having flamboyant Carson Kressley and transgender Chaz Bono as contestants for their 13th season. A lot of articles were written about Bono, but they all proved to be rather pointless. Bono's scores have been poor, but fan voting has kept him on the show. There is an audience for diversity and it is vocal.

It will be interesting to see as demographics change in the United States over the next ten years what Hollywood will be serving up for our entertainment. For now, ladies/gentleman, it's time to GBLT dance. Put on some Barbara Streisand and let's get at it; because gay is the new black in Hollywood.

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