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Thursday, September 1, 2011

America's Got Talent - Semi-Final #2 Results - Weds, August 31, 2011

Professor Splash dove out of the competition on AGT.
Twelve nervous contestants waited in the Green Room to see if the America's Got Talent fans voted them through or sent them home. Several acts were not quite up to par on Tuesday and I'm sure they were especially nervous. There was one huge surprise during the show from Nick Cannon that had everyone gasping, but in the end, everything worked out fine on America's Got Talent Semi-Final 2 Results on Wednesday, August 31, 2011. 

Nick Cannon got the ball rolling by bringing to the stage GYMKANA, Steven Retchless and Silhouettes. GYMKANA literally crashed and burned the night before. Steven did not impress the judges and Piers was a little weak on Silhouettes, but they got the nod to move on to the Top 10.

Performing what looked like a lip-synced rendition of Where Them Girls At were David Guetta, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. Something happened during this rap tune that really irked me. It's one of my pet peeves. Both Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj had to have lines bleeped out of the song. There are young adults, teens and kids that listen to their music. The last five rap performances I've seen on TV had to have something bleeped. Can't these motherf**kers come up with a song without cursing? Onward...

This is where things got a little hairy. Nick Cannon called out Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Anna Graceman. It would be almost impossible to imagine either one of them going home. Howie was cringing, "I'm going to be devastated." But AGT has pulled this before and Cannon usually yells out, "BOTH OF YOU." And both acts move on. That is exactly what I thought was going to happen. After the close-up shots and then the long pan, Cannon called out, "Anna Graceman." He even asked Landau what he thought about his time on AGT and told him he was sorry. Then, Cannon blew the lid off of the spoof and told Murphy he was going on to the Top 10. For a moment, I thought my heart stopped.

That meant that only one act would move on from the next four called to the stage: Professor Splash, Fatally Unique, Summerwind Skippers and Landon Swank. Swank had the best performance of the foursome on Tuesday and he was pushed into the Top 10. Piers remarked, "Your are one great trick away from the top five and a million dollars."

Susan Boyle who has been the best selling debut artist in history, since her discovery on Britain's Got Talent two years ago sang You Have To Be There from her new album, which is coming out in November.

The final three acts were: The Kinetic King, Smage Bros. Riding Show and Snap Boogie. The acts  that placed fifth and sixth in fan voting would remain and one act would be sent home right away. The road paved with Popsicle sticks came to an end for The Kinetic King. That left the motorcycle boys and the street dancer.

After the break, the judges had to make the decision. Sharon went with Snap Boogie, after a long verbal deliberation. Piers made a quick decision and picked the Smage Bros. Howie had the deciding vote and he said he was going with the act he would pay to see and that would be the Smage Bros.

So, the America's Got Talent Top 10 looks like this:
  1. Team ILuminate
  3. Lys Agn├ęs
  4. Miami All-Stars
  5. West Springfield Dance Team
  6. Silhouettes
  7. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
  8. Anna Graceman
  9. Landon Swank
  10. Smage Bros. Riding Show
This is an extremely tough field. There is only one act that I don't understand how they made it into the Top 10 - West Springfield Dance Team. I think if they performed on the same night as Fatally Unique, Fatally Unique would be in the Top 10. Just my opinion. But every other act has brought so much to this competition. And all of them could do an hour headlining show in Vegas. 

The acts I highlighted in bold are the ones I think have the best chance of getting into the Top 5. There is something about the crowd energy they have generated throughout the season that I think is a sampling of how America will vote. But, they all have to perform one more time. No mistakes.

Nick Cannon gave us all a scare when we thought Landau was going home, but all ended well on America's Got Talent Semi-Final 2 Results, Wednesday, August 31, 2011. 

Photo by NBC-AGT

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