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Friday, August 12, 2011

NBC's New Show UP ALL NIGHT Has The Worst Premise And Will Die

Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph team up on a bad idea.
Through the summer, the relentless previews and promos for the new fall shows run and there is no stopping them - unless the show gets canceled. Some shows look interesting and some look doomed from the get go. NBC's new show Up All Night has the worst premise and will die. Mark my words.

On the surface, Up All Night looks like it could work. It has a good cast. Christina Applegate has always been entertaining; same for Will Arnet. Maya Rudolph one of the most talented SNL performers to break out has funny in her blood. So far, the soup looks good. Then you get to the premise of the show. 

A young couple has a baby and it cries. The parents get no sleep. Hence the name, Up All Night.

The more you watch the promos the less you see that's interesting and the more you see that is just plain wrong.

All I've noticed with about 80% of the promos is both parents need sleep. Maybe I should join them and take a nap during every episode.

Have you had a baby in your life? Some sleep through the night, some cry; but that usually goes away after a couple months. Once the kid stops crying, where does the show go?

The child can become a chronic bed wetter and that keeps them Up All Night.

Then, the child becomes afraid of the dark and imagines Tea Party members in her closet, and that keeps them Up All Night.

After that, imaginary friends move in with the child and teach her to speak Spanish. The child pitches her bottle and only eats hot sauce, which keeps her Up All Night.

Once the hot sauce wears off, the girl hooks up with the E-Trade baby and they trade the overseas markets during a sleep over on an iPhone, which keeps the parents Up All Night.

Maya Rudolph can buy the little girl bagpipes and the child can only practice after the sun goes down because her muse is the moon and that keeps the parents.... let me guess... Up All Night.

As a learning tool, the parents buy the baby an iPad, but it gets hacked into by the Taliban and she hides under her blankets learning how to make stink bombs out of loaded diapers, while playing Angry Bird. The parents spend all their time in the App Store trying to download Spyware and anti-virus apps, and that.... ahhhhhhh.... I'm getting tired.... [yawn] keeps the parents Up All Night.

In the final season episode, the child is diagnosed with Schizophrenia and she's hearing voices. She talks endlessly with them in the dark and has fallen in love with Piers Morgan, and that.... Aw, screw it. Cancel the damn show.

Another thing that really bothers me about the show with the other 20% of the promos is that the parents act like the baby is an incredible annoyance, a burden, a royal pain in the ass. In one promo, Christina Applegate is yelling at the child. Is this a reflection of a clueless society or a lousy way to get laughs? They treat the kid like she has leprosy - "You take her. No, you take her. Catch. No, she's yours."

The way I see it, once the kid sleeps through the night, the shows over.

Unless there is some incredible writing that we have yet to get a snippet of, this one is DOA and will be lucky to go the whole season.

Yes, NBC's new show Up All Night has the worst premise and will die. If it doesn't, we will use it to cure insomnia.

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