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Friday, August 5, 2011

My New Refurbished Used Computer Has Shipped. I Think I'm Going To Cry.

"I just heard Roger's computer shipped."
Lately, a few of the emails I've received have not been too pleasant. But today, my inbox had a magic gift - a confirmation from Google Checkout. My new refurbished used computer has shipped. I think I'm going to cry.

Blogging without a computer is like trying to pole vault without that stupid pole. The game turns into "The Impossible High Jump." You can try with a pogo stick, but you'll just bounce yourself out of the competition.

Knowing that the computer is making its way here is moving for me. I won't have to go to the library anymore and be tied to their two hour limit - which has been like running the 100 yard dash, but only being allowed to run the first 20 yards. It is impossible to win.

I'll be back in Dunkin' Donuts, Denny's, Mr. Wonderfuls, the library parking lot late at night, McDonald's, and in a pinch, the Lake Shore Coffee Shop - any place I can soak up some FREE WiFi.

I'll be able to write my three to five posts a day on my three different blogs. I'll be able to stay on top of my favorite TV shows and report about them, I'll be able to rip government a new one and mock those who deserve it most. There will also be the articles about those in need, the mentally ill, the disabled, the poor and disadvantaged. And once in a while, I'll throw in a sports story. (No fishing, though.) Life will be wonderful.

Having the tools to get the job done are so important in life and business. You can't cook much without a knife, pots and pans. Can't cut firewood without an ax or a chainsaw. Can't please my ex-wife without an attorney. You need the tools. The right tools.

This new refurbished used computer is going to be a major step up for me. NASCAR speed compared to my tricycle. Larger monitor. More storage - my 6,500 songs will have a home. The days of the Apple pinwheel spinning for hours during every writing session will be GONE! And I won't have to put up with the convoluted, illogical, dysfunctional mess called Microsoft (at the library). I'm breaking through the Windows and grabbing an Apple. Life will be good, peaceful and almost like paradise again. I might even try to hook up with  Eve.

Arrival? Sometime early next week. I can't wait to sign for it.

Yes, my new refurbished used computer has shipped and I think I'm going to cry.

Thank you, God.

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