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Friday, August 12, 2011

I Can't Wait For NBC's New Show Prime Suspect To Be Canceled

I can't wait for PRIME SUSPECT to be canceled.
All summer long the networks bombard us with previews of their new fall shows. These are supposed to be the money makers. There are larger audiences in the fall and winter and the nets push their newborns hard - sometimes, too hard. At this point, I can't wait for NBC's new show PRIME SUSPECT to be canceled. 

Some previews tickle your interest and make you anticipate the show. Last year, the endless previews for THE EVENT drove me nuts. Once I found out what the show was about, I pegged it for the trash heap. It was supposed to be a five year deal. It's gone.

Outsourced was another one I saw chasing the lemmings. Dopey Indian stereotypes, bad writing, pointless plot lines - gone.

This year, NBC has two shows that I absolutely hate, just from the previews. I'm only going to write about one of them in this post. The show I've grown to despise is PRIME SUSPECT, starring Maria Bello.

From the first preview, this show started to make me shake my head. Maria Bello plays a detective. Nothing new there. However, she's a hard ass detective, a tough broad, a chick you want with you in a bar fight. This takes the "strong woman" concept way over the top. Bello's character has no femininity, just a penchant for getting her ass kicked.

If you want to see the best female police woman on television, watch Law & Order SVU's Mariska Hargitay. She plays tough, she chases the bad guys, she shoots guns, but she also has a womanly side that makes her extremely attractive. She's not fist pumping around the precinct about how many asses she kicked each day. Her acting has finally been recognized and she's been nominated for an Emmy.

Maria Bello stars as a punching bag or crash test dummy.
Back to the beat up Bello. I don't know what the hell NBC's marketing people were thinking with the promos they run for PRIME SUSPECT. Bello takes more hits than a Marine on a pogo stick in a minefield. One promo shows her exposing her stab wound in her side. Another shows her head smashing a car window and then on the ground with her bloodied face fighting a guy. At a restaurant, a female dinner companion asks her, "What happened to your face?" She replies, "A good day at work." Getting your face punched in is a good day?

The absolute worst promo is the one where Bello does a rundown of all of her injuries. She shows a dog bite on her leg, a stab wound on her arm from a pen, and a massively swollen left cheek. She says, "Guys aren't supposed to hit girls. I'm not a girl. I'm a detective." That sums it up. She's swapped her vagina for a badge and a .357 Magnum. She's not a woman, she's a transformer.

There is something about a woman that sits in a chair like a guy with their legs spread wide open, doesn't mind getting beat to crap and enjoys dishing it out. Is Bello a public servant or a Wrestlemania freak?

In one promo, they try to show her compassionate side. She's talking to a little boy that looks like he's about 5 or 6. She pushes a gun in front of him and asks what he would want to do to the man who hurt him. The little boy says, "I want to kill him." Bello replies, "I want to help you kill him." Isn't that vigilantism? Cops arrest people, they don't go on manhunts and gun down the bad guys.

All I know is I get a really bad vibe about this show. It's just all wrong.

I know cops that have been serving the public for 30 years and they've never accumulated as much physical damage as Bello appears to be enduring for an hour each week. If you're getting your ass kicked that often on the job, maybe you need a new line of work - like theater.

You might be thinking, "Well, just don't watch the show." I won't. But I cannot stop the endless promos. I would mute the TV or change the channel every time a promo for THE EVENT came on. I was thrilled to see it go. If PRIME PUNCHING BAG lasts the whole season, I will have to start muting the TV again or switching to PBS.

Maybe Bello can get shot and killed in the first episode and then I won't have to cringe every time another one of PRIME SUSPECT'S promos comes on.

I've got a piece of advice for Maria Bello - call your agent, see if there are any upcoming shows that you can read for. Maybe try to get a big screen role beating the snot out of aliens or politicians.

I can't wait for NBC's new show PRIME SUSPECT to be canceled. Then, I can relax and not feel like I need to send Maria Bello more band-aids.

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